Microblading One-On-One Classes & Training

Dallas Microblading 1 On 1 Class Training

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Dallas Microblading 1 On 1 Class Training

  • Student Microblading kit

  • Two days in-person training and certification

  • Video tutorial access

  • Support


Join BrowBeat and Start Your New Career!

Do you learn visually and need more personal attention?

Do you want to streamline your microblading education by
having the most attention possible from your instructor?

Then one-on-one microblading training and certification
is what you need! BrowBeat Advanced Microblading, and
certification are offering our microblading mentors one-on-one.

What you get:
• Two full days one-on-one with your mentor for in detail
basic training
• 24 hours access to tutorials and industry
secrets revealed
• Microblading kit that includes EVERYTHING
you will need to get started

For only $3999

Microblading treatments range from $500-$800. You could have your certification paid off in only five clients!

Open the door to your future




Tenielle Powers of BrowBeat Advanced Microblading is a serial entrepreneur.

Tenielle has empowered herself time to time again, creating and re-creating her life through various business ventures. Tenielle has harbored the power of her mind to make the change to begin each business.

Like many of us, Tenielle has still left unsatisfied, wanting to finally achieve more freedom in her career while still earning a six-figure income. She is a true representative of how motivation, dedication, and spirit continually pushing forward can push past all adversity and limitations. Enter the first seed of the idea for BrowBeat Studio.

Yes, you can!

After a bad microblading experience, Tenielle was left like many women in the same position, feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. This was when her idea for BrowBeat Advanced Microblading started to develop. Like many women, Tenielle’s microblading experience had left her feeling unhappy about her eyebrows. And after turning 40, she too was ready to change her life. Tenielle took action, beginning BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Studio. Through hard work, persistence, and amazing customer service, Tenielle has developed BrowBeat into DFW’s most sought after microblading studio.

Now you too can be the person that you want to be.

You, like Tenielle, can change your life, creating financial freedom, being a part of something great, and giving you the job satisfaction that has always been out of reach.

Learning how to microblade changed Tenielle’s life in an instant. Additionally, it has changed the lives of all the women around her working in her studio. They also decided to change their life and took that first step by learning how to microblade.


Tenielle and her microblading artists are changing women’s lives all over the DFW area. And while they’re changing other women’s lives through feeling complete and feeling beautiful, they are also changing their own lives. Microblading is giving her team the job satisfaction, the money, the financial freedom and flexibility that they have always wanted, not only that she has developed her artist in a very short time. This could be you; all you have to do is take the first step toward change.

Yes, you can!

We, as woman give away so much of who we are. We give to our partners, our lovers, our husbands, and to our children, creating family and stability for them. One day we wake up, and we realize we forgot to give to ourselves. Women often get sidetracked from having a career, and just settle for a job, forgetting about themselves and just becoming providers to others. It’s easy to get sidetracked and just let life happen to us. Dreams and goals disappear, and one day we wake up and realize that we have no goals or dreams left, Life; is just the 9 to 5 grind for minimum wage.

“Change can be hard, but it all begins with taking that first step. That first decision, to make a change, and then act on that change.”


Nobody can do this for us; we must have the power to do this for ourselves that power lies inside of all of us. As woman we have come through so much adversity, and were stronger than we think. We might not realize that change and fear had been a part of our daily life anyway!

– How are we going to put our kids through school?

-How are we going to feed our children?

We all find a way of just making it. But why be satisfied with only just making it, when you can learn a new skill that can earn over a six-digit income. Why should we just hang on, receiving the minimum when we can be in control of our own lives?

The microblading industry is growing each year. Women all over America and the world are interested in purchasing this treatment. The average microblading treatment cost $300 to $800. Your certification fees could cost in only 5 – 8 clients. Such a small price to pay, to change your life in a short period of time.

You can begin today. Have you been sitting around waiting for the right opportunity to fall in your lap? Well that day is here. Be the change that you want to be in yourself. Make the call by taking this first step.

For the first time, Tenielle Powers of BrowBeat Advanced Microblading is offering you the opportunity for mentorship one on one.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity!

Kick start your microblading career by learning from the best mentor in the DFW area.

The certification package is unsurpassed in the DFW area and consists of:

  • Two days in-person training with Tenielle Powers (See daily schedule for hour by hour content)
  • 24-hour access to videos so you can constantly reinforce your skills
  • Microblading starter kit that you can use to perform 30-50 treatments (retail value of over $600)


Student Microblading kit Includes:

  • Golden ratio calipers
  • 2 Microblading handles
  • Full-color palate of organic micro-pigments (8 x 10 ml pump bottles)
  • Assortment of 100 blades
  • Numb patches
  • Secondary numbing solution
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Clear measuring headbands
  • Wands
  • Pigment rings/cups
  • Practice skins
  • 3 Soft pencils
  • Razor Blade for sharpening pencils
  • Medical pen
  • Practice paper with an eyebrow shape
  • Practice paper with front shape
  • Practice paper with conversion
  • All necessary client form templates
  • Wrench shaped ruler
  • Mannequin head for mapping practice

Support documents available in the online portal support:

  • Product List, everything you will need to provide a microblading treatment
  • The order in which to provide a microblading treatment
  • What Goes on a microblading cart
  • A step by step guide to eyebrow mapping
  • A guide to choosing color
  • A guide to cross contamination and how to avoid it
  • How to provide the most comprehensive aftercare pack

This is the quickest way to get your microblading career started.

One-on-one training will give you the confidence to begin your microblading career.

Are you ready to build up your confidence and change your life through Microblading Certification?

Then it’s time to take action and begin your microblading career with one-on-one laser-focused training.

Call BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification on 214-431-5939 to discuss how we can begin starting your microblading career.