It seems like every day there are hundreds of stories being posted to the internet both bad and good. So why are there so many botched procedures these days? Read on below to find out.

With the recent boom in permanent cosmetics, there are microblading horror stories flooding the Internet. But why are there just so damn many?! Well, here’s the reason: BECAUSE SO MANY TRAINING COURSES IMPLY THAT YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO MICROBLADE IN JUST TWO DAYS.

We’re here to tell you that this is actually NOT TRUE!! It is an advanced skill that actually can be learned at a fast pace, however, you can learn how to microblade after only 16-20 hours of learning, which is what you will get with a training program that only includes a two day workshop!

There is simply far too much information to cover in a weekend! Anyone who tells you different is lying! Students will need to practice and to hone their skills. It is this practice and also structured lessons that will make a good student become a great artist.

Anyone can watch a live model being microbladed. All you have to do is type that into youtube. Real learning is understanding the art of the skill and then you will need to practice that art until you are consistent. You must be consistent 100% of the time before you will be ready to work on actual clients or on live models. Perfection is important but consistency is also key.

Additionally, when you’re learning a new skill you must understand all of the different variables. There are all sorts of troubleshooting issues you must be prepared to deal with, as you will encounter these all at some point! What should you do in the case of excessive bleeding or lymph production? What if your client already has microblading or tattooed brows and you need to camouflage and cover? What should you do if your client has low retention after the first treatment session? What is and isn’t normal during healing? And so on and so forth. These are just some examples of the detailed and nuanced issues you will need to be prepared for through extensive theory work and of course, through practice! And why is this so important? Because your skill must be adjusted to account for all these variables. Is it THIS that makes an artist great. Being able to adjust, absorb and adapt to every new situation.

BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification Academy teaches our student all these skills and more! Learning how to microblade will come with its own hurdles and problems to overcome as students are progressing through their study. We give our students the knowledge and confidence to overcome each problem as it arises and teach them how to problem solve through each individual situation. Microblading is much more than just making strokes on the skin in a set pattern. Students must learn how to communicate and educate their clients on everything from contraindications to aftercare during their treatment and to handle each new problem as it arises.

Don’t be fooled by other training courses that say you can get certified in just two days. This may be tempting if you are trying to start working quickly but is it worth it if you are unable to produce quality work and end up going out of business after just a few months? Students will need additional support and theory to become a great artist with industry staying power.

That’s why BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification Academy doesn’t just push you out into the world after a measly 2 days, completely on your own. Oh nooo, We give you SIX MONTHS, that’s right, SIX MONTHS of support and mentorship. During this time not only will you have us at your disposal for any questions that may arise but you also have access to extensive video training tutorials and are rigorously tested in both theory and practice BEFORE spreading your wings and tackling this challenging yet rewarding work.

So don’t sell yourself short in the beginning of your microblading career. Put yourself miles ahead of your competitors by getting certified with BrowBeat microblading training and certification. Registration is ongoing and new classes are starting all the time! Learn from home at your leisure and convenience, allowing you to continue working at your current job, finish school or be home to tend to your young family! No matter what your situation, BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is the right answer for you! Your future clients will thank you! Let’s end this botched industry trend together with quality education, creating quality artists!