Microblading Artist dallas

Microblading Artist dallas

Why Becoming a Microblading Artist Dallas Is The Perfect Job for Moms

Did you know that by becoming a microblading artist Dallas, your earnings can reach up to 6 DIGITS? 

Are you a single mom, and your whole family depends on you? Your income is the sole income for the household. Man, that’s a lot of pressure! It probably means that you work too many hours and miss out on more of life’s precious moments.

Or perhaps you took time out to raise your children and spend time with your growing family. Now that you’re ready to rejoin the workforce, you have a long gap in your work history.

Uh oh! Maybe you never developed your career or finished school, putting your family’s needs above your own.

So what now? How can you have a meaningful career and make a great living without years of experience or a four-year degree?

Let me tell you how; by becoming a microblading artist Dallas! A job in microblading allows your hours to be as flexible as you need to be for your family!

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you will set your schedule, letting clients know when you will be available to take appointments.

Never miss a sporting event, school play, birthday, or holiday ever again! Better yet, Microblading is so lucrative that you can earn a full-time income working a part-time schedule.

That means more time spent with family and less time spent working. Work to live don’t live to work! What good is earning money you never have time to enjoy?

With Microblading, you’ll have the time and money to take that vacation. Take the kids to Disney World or, better yet, leave the kids with grandma and go to the Bahamas!

You deserve it, and with becoming a microblading artist Dallas, you can get it.

So, what is Microblading and How to become a microblading artist Dallas?

Microblading is a hot, new, eyebrow technique, adored by celebrities and beauty influencers alike, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beauty Influencers like Huda Kattan, are among some of those who’ve undergone the procedure.

The microblading process gives clients perfectly groomed and entirely realistic brows that last up to two years!

Clients love never having to apply makeup to their brows and also appreciate that they are fully waterproof. 100% maintenance-free eyebrows for two years, done by a professional brow artist? Many would pay top dollar for something like that!

So how is it done? A microblading procedure consists of several parts:

First, you will conduct a consultation in which you will use your knowledge to assess the best color and shape for your client; you will also take this time to educate them about the procedure, explain the aftercare instructions and answer any questions.

After this is complete and you have decided on a color and outlined the shape, you will apply a topical numbing cream to the area. 

Next, the “microblading” portion begins. Using a tiny handheld blade dipped in ink or “pigment” you will draw in individual hairs.

These “strokes” you are bringing with your edge are superficial cuts in the surface layers of the skin, these small cuts hold the ink in the skin and once healed are visible for up to two years.

It allows clients to have hyper-realistic looking brows, far superior to pencils or powders, which only fill brows in to become stable; this brow technique adds individual hair strokes.

The greater field of micro-pigmentation is also referring to as “semi-permanent makeup,” and that is what microblading is semi-permanent and makeup!

Become a microblading artist Dallas

I know becoming a microblading artist probably sounds like a challenging skill to learn to be able to create photo-real hairs does sound extremely hard. Guess what, it isn’t! 

There is an exact formula that anyone can learn, and when this formula is abode, your brow “hairs” will come out perfectly every time. You don’t even have to be artistic. Anyone can learn this formula.

The best part is that you can learn this formula in just a few months, all from the comfort of your own home and in your spare time! It means that you can keep your current job or be available to care for your family whatever your needs are.

You can study to be a microblading artist Dallas after children are in bed or on your lunch break from work! Total Flexibility!

At BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification, we only require that you physically attend a two-day intensive workshop to become familiar with the tools and products. 

We will provide you with a video curriculum, which you will be able to access anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

You will also participate in a virtual classroom environment where you will be able to submit assignments, receive tutoring from your dedicated mentor, and participate in classroom discussions.

Most of our students only study part-time and complete our full course in under six months. Better still, most of our students can make back all of their course fees in their first ten treatments!

So how much money can you make by becoming a microblading artist Dallas?

While the average salary of a microblading artist Dallas is around $63,000 a year, it just goes up from there!

The average treatment cost for microblading is between $500-$800, which means you can make one appointment a day and still make six figures.

Structure your schedule however you’d like, work in the evenings or on weekends, work a few days on then a few days off or anything in between!

Because the treatments have such a high dollar value, you can do a small number of procedures and still make a large amount of money!

So go ahead, leap! Enroll in one of our upcoming training classes today and be the super mom you’ve always wanted to be! You can have it all!

Training can be done from your own home and in your spare time, allowing you to continue working your current job or be there for your family.

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