The industry of semi-permanent cosmetics is growing at an astonishing rate. With so many new career opportunities, it has piqued quite a lot of interest but there isn’t a whole lot of information out there to help someone decide, “Is this the career for me?”

There are so many pros and cons to a career in microblading. For some, a career in microblading is an answered prayer but life is not one size fits all! If you want to find out if a career as a microblading artist is for you, this blog post can help you weigh out all the pros and cons. To find out if this could be the perfect fit for you, read on!


  • Changing Lives and Making People feel Beautiful

Being a microblading artist affords you the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. Even better still, you have the chance to have a positive impact on their lives! In our practice, we have seen clients with hair loss due to alopecia, trichotillomania or chemotherapy. You will not believe the gratitude your clients will have, after seeing themselves with brows for the first time! And it’s all because of your hard work. Talk about rewarding work and a fulfilling career!

  • Fun & Creative Work

Besides empowering clients to be their best selves, you’ll also enjoy honing your artistic talents through this creative and ever changing work. No day and no treatment will ever be the same, this keeps the work feeling fresh, new and exciting. Beyond that, the micro pigmentation industry is full of friendly competition! Network, compare work and motivate each other with your successes. Enjoy making a splash in the semi-permanent cosmetics industry as a microblading superstar!

  • Flexible Schedule

A huge plus for many considering the microblading field is the flexibility! Choose your own schedule and work as much or as little as you’d like. With the average microblading treatment cost ranging from $500-$800 and the average treatment time ranging from 2-4 hours, you can make as much as $400 an hour! With each individual treatment being so lucrative, you’ll work less but make more! That leaves more time for what really matters. Living your best life! Spend more time with family and friends, spend more time traveling and exploring the world or use that time to grow a second business or go back to school! This flexibility is perfect for everyone from young college students to retirees looking to supplement their income. Who wouldn’t want to make a full time income on a part time schedule?

  • Lots of Career Opportunities

You won’t just find flexibility in the hours you work but you’ll also find flexibility in where you work. There are so many options out there for you as a new microblading artist in the industry! Whether you want to open up your own salon or work in a team setting alongside aestheticians, massage therapists and doctors, there truly is something for everyone!

  • No 4 Year Degree Needed!

Another great thing that makes a career in microblading such an attractive option for so many people is the time it takes to get started! We’re not gonna lie to you, it does take a lot of dedicated practice hours to become skilled in the art of microblading but most of our students get started in just six months! Even better, they can start making a 6 figure income in their first year! What other career do you know of that allows you to make ‘doctor money’ without any student debt and all those years of schooling?


  • Microblading Takes Hundreds of Hours to Learn

As we touched on before, it will take you quite a bit of dedicated practice hours to be skilled and successful in your new craft. And when we say lots of practice hours, we really mean hundreds of practice hours! For some people, this may sound overwhelming. Not everyone does well in the student capacity and some would prefer to get started sooner, opting for 2 day microblading ‘boot camps’ that promise you’ll be ready to work on clients after only one weekend. Sadly, this is simply not true and has lead to an influx of poor or ‘botched’ work out there in the industry. Trust us, it is worth taking the time and doing things right! Our students are ready to start working in only six months and with our included 6 month mentorship package, you will have coaching and guidance every step of the way as you are learning. When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound so bad at all, now does it?

  • Requires Specialized Training which can be costly for a top notch program

Another consideration is the cost of all that training that you will need. With reputable training programs ranging anywhere from $2,000-$4,000. It is no small investment in your future so chooses wisely. Not all training courses are created equally. At BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy we charge $3,300 for our training course, all costs included. While this may sound like a lot, when compared to the cost of the average 4-year degree, approximately $39,000 for public universities and much, much more for private 4 year institutions, you are saving, literally, tens of thousands of dollars! And the best part our training course graduates make about as much as their degreed counterparts, without the degree! In fact, most of our students are able to pay for their training costs in about 6 treatments! You can do that easily in one week!

  • Cost of Supplies and Rent

Something else to consider is the overhead cost associated with performing treatments. If you are a sole proprietor you will be solely responsible for your advertising & marketing costs, supplies, and studio rent. Alternatively, you can choose to work in a setting such as a doctor’s office where all these variables are taken care of for you, however it is customary to attribute a certain percentage of your earnings back into the company, this is typically called booth rent or a referral fee and are generally pretty low compared to the cost of what is being provided for you (marketing, supplies, and workspace). All things considered, most of our students still bring home more than they ever hoped or dreamed!

Choosing a new career is hard; after all, it is your future! Hopefully, we’ve given you plenty to think about. And if you decide a career in microblading is for you, we hope you’ll join us for one of our renowned training classes soon! Registration is always ongoing with new classes starting all the time. So, see you soon?