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With the popularity of microblading growing, a new treatment has also been developing. We can get our brows pigmented so why not pigment our lips too? In today’s age, we desire to walk out the door looking like the version of ourselves we like best, many of us wearing lipstick daily. Lip blushing is a breakthrough technique giving clients a pigmented lip color 24/7.

Like brow pigmentation, lip pigmentation lasts 1-2 years. On the first treatments the lips are mapped out, meticulously taking notice of the curve of the cupids bow and lower edges of the lip line. This lip mapping process ensures that the client and artist are on the same page with the overall shape. The defined lip mapping allows all discussions to be clear before moving forward with the first step, making the lip line with the machine. After the line is perfected, the inside of the lips are pigmented. Treatments can take up to 4 hours as the pigmentation is a layering process.

The lips will take approximately 7 days to heal superficially and up to 5 weeks to heal completely. A second treatment should be completed to address minor discrepancies and color saturation.

Lip Blushing Certification


Dark lip equalization uses pigment and color theory to camouflage and equalize cool lip tones in clients that have increase melanin.

All clients want to feel beautiful. With the Dark Lip Equalization technique, lip pigmentation can reach a wider audience.

Dark lip equalization can be a longer journey for the client, taking 2 – 3 treatments. The first treatment is specifically designed as equalization only. This treatment’s purpose is to bring the clients lip to one neutral color. The second treatment is for the target color implementation. The target color is the color the client would like the lips to be.

Finally, on some clients a third treatment is needed for minor discrepancies and touchups. This is where the lip details are perfected. Each client is a case by case and is assed by the artist before treatment commencement.

Dark Lip Equalization Certification is the second day of the Lip Blushing Certification.

Add More Sales To Your Business By Offering Your Existing Clients Another Service!

Lip Blushing
  • By adding lip blushing you can re-market to your current client list and make more sales without the worry of how to attract new clients
  • Lip Blushing Certification could potentially double your business because now you offer one client two services
  • Adding a lip service helps you stay competitive and relevant in the semi – permanent makeup industry
  • You can make up to $500 – $1000 for the lip blushing service

What’s In The Lip Blushing Kit?

Students will receive a lip blushing kit, enough to do up to 40 treatments. The lip blushing kit includes the following

Lip Blushing Certification
  • 5 speed wireless machine for lip blushing
  • Stand for machine
  • 8 x lip colors
  • Box of 1R needle cartridges
  • Box of 3R needle cartridges
  • Box of 5R needles cartridges
  • Clip cord covers
  • Grip tape
  • Colored lip pencils
  • White concealer for lip drafting
  • Lip wands
  • Silicone practice sheets for lips with lips shape
  • Blank silicone practice sheets for pixilation practices
  • Mannequin for lip drafting practice
  • Client consent forms and aftercare kit
  • Tattoo license application
  • Equipment and products list
  • Lip blushing paper exercises


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