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BrowBeat microblading certification and training is a complete system to get your microblading skills up to par before starting your own microblading business.
Up to 40 clients (depending on how much is used during in-person training and at home practical learning) Click (Microblading kit) for more information on what’s in the kit.

The 4 – day in person class is very important in solidifying the basic microblading and ombré powder brow shading principles. These skills are the most important in understanding the way a basic eyebrow is laid down. These principles practiced regularly lay the foundation for the full microblading certification. We find that having these basic principles provides a strong platform to catapult students to excel. This rock solid understanding is a segue to the microblading tutorials and gives our students confidence moving forward to work alone and at their own pace.

Your mentor will provide you access to your tutorials with a password and login. The tutorials can be accessed at any time day or night via your smartphone or computer. This is really helpful as tutorials can be watched over and over to reinforce lessons.

Students need video tutorials not only to see the lesson practically but to reinforce learned information. Not only that, if at some point students don’t practice and get stuck they always have the tutorial to review.