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April 18th-19th, 2020


Frequently Asked Question

BrowBeat microblading certification and training is a complete system to get your microblading skills up to par before starting your own microblading business. It includes a full microblading kit, two day in person microblading workshop, and extended mentorship.

The kit can do 30-50 clients (depending on how much is used during in-person training and at home practical learning) Click tab 5. (Microblading kit) for more information on what’s in the kit.

The workshop is very important in solidifying the basic microblading principles. These skills are the most important in understanding the way a basic eyebrow is laid down. These principles practiced regularly lay the foundation for the full microblading certification. We find that having a live person to instruct these basic principles provides a strong platform to catapult students to excel. This rock solid understanding is a segue to the microblading tutorials and gives our students confidence moving forward to work alone and at their own pace.

At BrowBeat, we only deal in truths, and the truth is that: YOU CANNOT LEARN HOW TO MICROBLADE IN TWO DAYS. Anyone that tells you that you can is not telling the truth. It takes hours of practice to become ready to work on a live person and that is why we do not provide a live person to work on during the workshop. Instead, BrowBeat offers all students to take the course of support and mentorship. Students do not get their certification in the workshop. They get a certificate of attendance. The certification happens at the end of all levels of approved homework. As the students practice the tutorials at their own pace their mentor critiques their homework allowing them to graduate through the levels and acquire their certification. No student gets their BrowBeat certificate without the completion of all homework levels. We do not certify artists before they are ready to work on live clients. We have all seen and heard of bad microblading stories. We will not put our students out into the market until they have acquired the skills to do so.

We put all students from the workshop dates into a chat group together. Homework cannot be submitted separately. We find that a group setting accelerates the learning capacity of our students. In a group setting students can interact, learning from each other and being a part of each other’s victories and mistakes. When homework is corrected in a group setting all students can learn from the correction and acquire and share knowledge and skills. It helps the individual learn faster and it also encourages industry friendships. Doesn’t it feel good to know someone else is going through all that you are going through? Share the knowledge, share the triumphs and we shall all succeed together!

During the workshop, your mentor will tell the class the set time that he/she will address the questions from the group. This will be at a set time every day so any and all homework and questions asked in the group chat will be responded to in a pre-organized time period. You can ask questions or submit homework at any time of the day or evening but they will all be responded to once a day, Monday to Friday. Some mentors will spend more time at their discretion. Students can ask multiple questions and queries as they come up during their at-home practices and tutorials.

The mentor will answer on the following day at the set time if your additional question falls after the set time period and the daily questions were already addressed. We answer questions this way and in this order always. We do it this way to manage time so mentors can respond to the entire class for the last 24hours of questions or submitted homework. Some days students will have none, some days students will have many, but all will be answered at the prearranged daily time.

Students get a certificate of attendance for the workshop. The actual microblading certification happens through the completion of the all levels of homework tutorials. Students need to pass and complete these levels. The certificate is not submitted after the workshop because the student’s skill set has not reached the certification level. Students are not ready to work on live clients at this time. The ability and confidence will come after several hundred practice hours and at their own pace learning. The workshop is not enough to get to this level and students will learn at different speeds. Additionally, students will practice at different time amounts. The in-person training is vital in solidifying the basic brow principles or ‘rules’. After this vital piece has been learned and understood students can complete the training on their own time and at their own pace but still with the comradeship, excitement, and eagerness of their classmates and peers.

Your mentor will provide you access to your tutorials with a password and login. The tutorials can be accessed at any time day or night via your smartphone or computer. This is really helpful as tutorials can be watched over and over to reinforce lessons.

Students need video tutorials no only to see the lesson practically but to reinforce learned information. Not only that, if at some point students don’t practice and get stuck they always have the tutorial to review.