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What People Are Saying

What people say about us has a big impact on how successful we become. Here you can look at what people are saying about the level of education we provide to our students. Google and Yelp reviews cannot be manipulated and removed, this is real life, real experience with our certification.

I ABSOLUTELY loved brow beat. Tenielle was very informative and answered all of my questions. She is such a great instructor and took her time with each of her students. Through all the microblading classes o researched – Brow beat stood out to me, Sandy was great when calling me and giving me all the information I needed for the class and was very patient with all my questions I had before starting. Signing up process was very smooth and the FOLLOW THROUGH was great! HANDS DOWN THE BEST!

eybrow-styleLynnette Derbyshire

I cannot stress enough how thorough this training course is. It is so professional but still managing to not be too intimidating. They make you feel so welcomed and are so encouraging. I came here with expectations of an ordinary training class, but leaving more confident and pleased than I could have ever imagined! Fiona is so structured, Calleigh is so sweet and encouraging, and Erica is hilarious and so honest!! Thank you so much Brow Beat!!

eybrow-styleAbbie Barefield

I loved my experience at the school. The instructors were very friendly and informative, also patient, because I’m not the fastest learner. You learn ethics and how to build a lasting business with ethics and good practice. Resources are given to follow up on. I loved all the products I got in my kit. Definitely a good investment for my career

eybrow-styleAutumn Vaughn

Amazing experience. Well worth the price i paid. Fiona and Brittany went above and beyond to make sure we understood the material. Erica was very hands on and gave great tips to help me do great brows. Also love her upbeat personality! Sandy was also helpful in making me feel comfortable about taking this class. I am recommending that anyone interested in making this new journey of microblading, TAKE THIS CLASS!

eybrow-styleTasha Johnson

I highly recommend BrowBeat microblade training course! They gave me everything I needed to be successful on my own! I left feeling very confident in myself and my new skills. Tenielle and Bobbie Jean were GREAT!! No detail was left out from their training to their incredible hospitality! Thanks again BrowBeat!!

eybrow-styleKelli Potts

I researched for months before choosing where to go. I didn’t feel confident in any of the classes I found! I finally came across BrowBeat and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for! They sounded enthusiastic about their work! Who wouldn’t want to learn from someone who loves what they do? I was blown away at the class, it was beyond what I expected. Everything was set up so neat and pretty for us when we got there! They provided breakfast tea, snacks, and coffee. Also a catered lunch AND evening meat and cheese platter. Tenielle taught us not ONLY how to beat them brows to perfection, but also discussed everything about the business aspect of being a microblade specialist. She gave us many tips on how to be a business woman, and succeed, as well as prepared us for the worst of it comes and also the emotional side of it. She was the most thorough instructor, so so kind and just has a very strong leadership vibe to her. Constantly smiled! Bobbie Jean was amazing as well. She shared many experiences and tips with us from her own journey and time in the industry. She made sure we were well taken care of and had everything we needed! I can’t recommend this place enough!! And they keep their classes small for the personal touch, which is awesome! After a couple of hours together we all felt like a little family and I’m thankful for what they taught us. (:

eybrow-styleBryanna Boone

Taking this 3 day course of micro blading and shading has been great. Instructor Tenielle is very thorough and will go over things with you one on one and make sure you fully understand the concept of each section. The classroom is very welcoming. I was very worried and anxious before starting but now I feel very confident that I will have everything I need to succeed in this career. Everything you need to start off with comes in the package of the class and they are great quality products. Erica was the sweetest, she broke down shading and gave you great tips on how you can be better with hard work but also working smarter not harder! Definitely recommend anyone to take this course, take a leap and you won’t regret it.

eybrow-styleJocelyn Rivera