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4 Day Certification

4 Day In Person Training

Run A microblading Business & Practical Training

Starting any business can be challenging. On the 4th day of the Microblading and ombré Powder Brow Certification we help our students with the structure of how to begin their microblading studio. Learning the microblading and ombré powder technique is not all there is to think about when getting started. Students will also need to think about getting a tattoo license, buying equipment, working out a pricing structure and promoting their business. On the 4th day of the microblading certification we spend the morning helping students understand these aspects of setting up a business.

See what its really like to be inside a large – scale microblading business. The 4th certification day is held inside BrowBeat Studio’s treatment facility

Sometimes it is not enough…

to hear the theory and see pictures of a studio setting and a treatment set up.

Microblading and ombré Powder Brow Certification Day 4..

is about putting the theory from day 1 – 3 into practical applications.

The morning of certification day 4…

is about the setup and running of a microblading business. After lunch, students break away into pairs into their own treatment rooms.

Hands On Training

Get trained Inside A Functioning Microblading Business

After hearing about the business side of running a microblading studio, the students practice their new skills  and are guided on the following:

Full Microblading And ombré Powder Brow Cart Setup

Going through a microblading and shading setup solidifies everything that is needed to provide a service.  This is a confidence building exercise for the student as many students fear that they will not be prepared in an actual treatment situation. BrowBeat Certification is of the understanding that providing the students with necessary equipment and product list is of the utmost importance as their questions about microblading far surpasses the technique itself but moreover to what is needed for the process in its entirety.

Role Play A Practical Application On The Avoidance Of Cross Contamination

Safety is of the utmost importance. While providing a microblading or ombré powder brow service a process in which to avoid cross contamination is vital. Students will have the opportunity to show trainers their process with gloves and their cart setup.

Map The Shape On Their Partner And Have It Discussed And Approved By Trainers

Learning how to map the brow shape on a client is one of the most important parts of the service as bad shape is the clients biggest worry when receiving the treatment. In this role play exercise the student will get to map the brows using the BrowBeat mapping structure taught during day 1 and 2  of the certification. This live person on person mapping lesson is one of the most important parts of the entire course and widely enjoyed by the students.

Microblading Hands On Training

Make A Collage Of Their Mapping Before And Afters

The way client images s are showcased can improve the appearance and quality of the work.  Learn how to use a free version of Pic Collage to send your clients professional pictures

Work On Their Partners With A Silicone Headband Simulating A Treatment

Students get to simulate a treatment on their partner. Using a silicone headband, students get to microblade or shade with their machine on each other. This exercise assists the students understanding of the artist territory in the aspect of space relating to the client. Additionally this is an exercise on body and hand placement. Student will have a real – life simulation on what is like to be in front of a live human. Probably one of the most exciting exercises of the day, The silicone headband exercise is the final confidence building exercise of the day.


Run A microblading Business & Practical Training Schedule

Microblading Hands On Training

Day 4

In Studio Practice Day

The Product Mix Needed For A Microblading Business
What should you sell?
Services price list
Charging per treatment
Using shading as an add on service
Client time management
Creating clear policies with your clients

Client Management
Time management and what it means to your business
Selling appointments as blocks of time
Creating clear policies
Families  and friends in your treatment rooms
Remaining professional but still personal

Starting Your Microblading Business
Doing free clients
Building a review platform
Going out on foot to promote your business
Collaborations within your network area to get you started

Taking A Booking
The Impression of a microblading business
Switching your free clients to paying clients
Using education to make sales
Getting back to your clients and returning calls
Securing deposits
Booking checklist

Best Picture Taking Practices
How to take photographs with lighting and equipment
Creating and maintaining client files and photographs
Collages and follow up communications for your client



Microblading Practical Knowledge Applications
Setting up a cart role play and assessment
Cross contamination role play and evaluation
Mentors circulate to assess and advise the students

Students map on their partners following the mapping rules
Best picture taking practices are used to create client flies
Students practice making collages to send to their clients and post on social media
Mentors circulate to assess and advise the students

Provide A Microblading Treatment (Simulation On Silicone Headband)
Headband treatment simulation puts all knowledge into effect including:

  • Hand placement
  • Pressure applications
  • Blade / machine angle
  • Artist seating maximization and limitations

Final Q and A


Class Cost $4,999.00

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