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Tenielle is the owner and founder of BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Training and Certification. Tenielle was a bad microblading story herself having an extremely second rate experience with a local artist in Dallas.

But, she turned a negative into a positive, deciding to create BrowBeat and correct all the problems that she had encountered, through education assessment and tailoring, to every single client that walked through her door.




Erica Bury is the BrowBeat Microblading Experts artist manager and booking specialist for our Irving location. Erica has first-hand knowledge of running the microblading studio and along with the certification, is a sea of imperative information on how to setup, run and provide a microblading or ombré powder brow treatment.

Erica enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting microblading industry and teach others how to become top-level microblading artists and, most importantly, independent individuals making above-average income.

Her direct commitment to excellence drives her to be the best microblading mentor and teach student what other companies fail to teach, real-life experience.




Aaliyah was born and raised in New Orleans. From a young age, she always knew that she wanted to be in a career that involved helping people.

After high school, she decided to enter into a physical therapy career but quickly found out it wasn’t her calling. Needing to be inspired, Aaliyah found a job in cosmetic/Aesthetics nursing.

“I’m fascinated with the beauty industry,” says Aaliyah. “Microblading was a natural step for me. When you look good, you feel good, and I want to try to give that happiness to every woman I can.”


Brittanie Shaw

Expert Trainer

Born and raised in a small town in Nebraska, Brittanie quickly knew she wanted more. After graduating college with her degree in Psychology, she moved to Dallas in 2013. Brittanie became a health and wellness coach in 2014. This was when she knew she found her passion in helping people look and feel better.

Brittanie is a testament to how quickly dreams can happen when there is drive and action taken. She had always been interested in microblading and has honed her skills quickly as a BrowBeat microblading artist. With her being naturally artistic, she found her calling.

Brittanie is our students. She was a stay–at- home Mom, she is now a trainer for BrowBeat Studio Dallas Certification And Training Academy.


Fanny Keenan

Assistant to class

Fanny is from Taiwan and came to the US in 2010 as an international student in Wichita, Kansas.
In 2013 Fanny graduated with an associate degree in hospitality management, and in the same year, her daughter Nove was born.

Fanny’s passion is people, having a degree in hospitality management. However, she wanted to make a better life for her daughter. Discovering microblading, she realized that she could have a more flexible schedule and enjoy her life more by becoming a microblading artist. Fanny believes it’s important to feel passionate about your work and finally feels like she has found her calling working in the beauty industry.

Merging her hospitality experience with her creativity, Fanny has become a lovable member of BrowBeat Studio.


Gardenia Gonzales

Assistant to Class

Gardenia comes to BrowBeat with 21 years of experience in the beauty industry. With years of customer service experience behind her, Gardenia’s microblading and ombré powder brow services are on point.

Gardenia is a trained Esthetician with two decades of training in skin and the way it behaves. After being a trainer for cosmetology, Gardenia became interested in microblading and shading and became a certified artist.

Able to speak fluent English and Spanish, Gardenia is a versatile artist and trainer.