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4 Day Certification

In Person Training

Get Certified in Texas

Dallas Microblading 1 On 1 Class Training

  • Student microblading and ombré powder brow kit. (Enough to provide up to 40 treatments)
  • 3 or 4 Day in person training and certification. (Optional 4th day)
  • 24/7 6 – month student portal video tutorial access
  • 24/7 6 – month Access to support documents
  • 100 practice skins

Dallas Microblading 1 On 1 Class Training

One-on-One Microblading & ombré Powder Brow 4 – Certification

  • Do you learn visually and feel like you require more personal attention?
  • Are you wanting to streamline your microblading and ombré powder brow certification by having the certification dates to your own schedule?

One-on-one training gives students who have limited schedules or quite simply need more focus and attention from their expert trainer more flexibility. Students wishing to book a one-on-one 4-day certification can make their own dates subject to trainer availability.

Microblading treatments range from $500-$800. You could have your certification paid off in only five clients!

Open the door to your future


Microblading Certification Day 1 & 2

The explosion in the microblading industry has been astounding for the simple reason that eyebrows are important. But why are eyebrows so important?

Eyebrows make up a large part of our expression. Our eyebrows help us articulate our mood without speaking, when we are happy, when we are sad or even when we are thinking. So, the loss of one’s eyebrows can be a blow to self-esteem, making us feel like we have lost some part of ourselves, making us feel incomplete. The feeling of feeling incomplete is powerful and thus can trickle into our self-worth. We are bombarded by images of beautiful women through advertising the moment we wake up. Few people speak of the truth of what is underneath these attractive images of made-up eyebrows. The truth that lies beneath is that we have alopecia, some of us are cancer patients or have trichotillomania. Others of us have been self-saboteurs for several decades leaving us with almost nothing to call an eyebrow. A great microblading experience can create the façade of a complete eyebrow. Microblading hairstrokes in the skin can mimic real eyebrow hair creating faux eyebrows with a realistic appearance. A nano microblade is used to implement ink into the epidermis, the superficial layers of skin. These microbladed brows will last 6 – 18 months depending on variables like sun exposure, age, and skin type.

About The Days

Day one of the Microblading and Ombré Powder Brow Certification is dedicated to learning the eyebrow reference points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and understanding the six parts of the microblading hairstroke pattern. These six parts of the microblading stroke pattern are taught to the student in easy – to – understand sections. After each section is understood and practiced, the entire stroke pattern is practiced meticulously throughout the afternoon.

Mapping the brow shape on the client is an integral part to getting a treatment to begin. This mapping structure is taught to the student step by step in the morning of day two. This go to structure works on all clients and for the student it is an important confidence builder. Toward the afternoon of day two students are taught about microblading precision and depth, working over past permanent makeup, color theory and skin types. As day two closes, a microblading certification exam takes place identifying that the learning has taken place in the previous two days.

Throughout the day, the trainer gives the student one – on – one student constant guidance and attention. The one – on – one attention helps fix immediate problems with hand placement and blade precision. These small but big immediate corrections can set the student on a structured future path.

What You Get

An extensive microblading kit is provided during course proceedings. This is enough to do up to 40 clients when it becomes time to provide the microblading and ombré powder brow  services. The kit has the following tools:


  • BrowBeat Microblading and Shading Pigments
  • (Blonde 1, Blonde 2, Brown 1, Brown 2 Brown 3, Brown 4, Red and Black)
  • An assortment of microblading blades
  • Microblading handles
  • Measuring calipers
  • Mirror
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • Ring cups
  • Grip tape
  • Soft pencils and razor for sharpening
  • Surgical marker
  • Wrench shaped ruler
  • blank silicone practice skins
  • Brow shape silicone practice skins
  • Head only silicone practice skins
  • BrowBeat Certification Folder with the following inserts:
  • Brow Shape exercise 1, 2and 3
  • Equipment and tools list to run a microblading studio
  • Recommended lidocaine products
  • Client consent forms
  • BrowBeat Products order sheet
  • Tattoo license application (Texas)


  • 5 speed wireless machine for ombré powder brows
  • Stand for machine
  • Box of 1R needle cartridges
  • Box of 3R needle cartridges
  • Box of 5R needles cartridges
  • Box of 5F needle cartridges
  • Box of 7F needles cartridges
  • Silicone practice sheets for ombré powder brows
  • Blank silicone practice sheets for pixilation practices
  • Brow shape headbands for exercises
  • ombré powder brow and combo brow paper exercises
  • Clip cord covers


One on One Training

Microblading & ombré Powder Brow Kit

5 – speed wireless machine included

Ombré Powder Brow Certification Day 3

Microblading and Ombré Powder Brow Certification is a 4 – day in person one – on – one training course. Day one and day two are dedicated to learning the art of microblading including a guide to mapping the shape, skin types, skin thickness, pressure, and color theory. Day three is dedicated to learning the art of ombré powder brows.

What is Ombré Powder Brows?

The desire for crisper lines and deeper pigmentation is growing. Defined brows that make a statement are popular due to icons such as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga. ombré powder shading defines the brows. It is our experience at BrowBeat that people use the word “natural” when they actually mean: “Please don’t let my brows look like a tattoo.” Many clients are leaning toward a more highly pigmented brow for  a fashionable camera – ready look. Two treatments are required to bring the brows to their final result, adjusting color density and depth during the second treatment / touchup. The density and color depth can be added to for clients that are usure.

ombré powder brows or shading performed with a machine, is different from the microblading technique. A shading machine is used to add soft layers of pigmentation that provide a blanket of color over the brows. This blanket of color creates color density or “fill” that gives the brows definition. Shading is not hairstrokes but tiny dots of color (or pigmentation) This added color or pigmentation will make a brow more defined and dramatic and may mimic a makeup powder or pomade. While microblading alone can look natural and understated, an ombré powder brow can make the brow stand out, structuring the brow and making it a statement.

ombré powder brow shading pigmentation is more dominant at the tail fading towards the head of the brow. This faded head or “ombré” graduation keeps the brows from looking harsh and over pigmented. The eyebrow shape is one of the most important parts of the treatment outcome. Our eyebrow shape defines our look. Some people like bold, some like slim- medium, whatever the case, the objective is to enhance the natural beauty of the client, creating a low to no maintenance brow. Most clients will obtain a 60 – 90 percent result on the first treatment. The second treatment is vital to complete the brows and to address minor discrepancies after healing. This meticulous second treatment / touch up is essential, as there will be pigment loss during healing. ombré powder brows pigment can reduce by up to 40% when healed. Additionally, the second treatment / touchup will make the brows hold in the skin for a longer period of time.

About The Day

The ombré powder brow certification is the third day of the 4 – day course. Learning the art of ombré powder brow shading is imperative to a microblading business. Clients are asking about shading as a service, so it is an important skillset to learn from the get go. The microblading outcome is not enough for all clients to be satisfied with the results. Adding ombré powder brows or “shading” (they are one and the same) can increase pigment and bring the client to their desired look. Shading is a versatile skill and can also be used to create combo brows and correct past treatments. The students will learn all about shading during day three of the Microblading and ombré Powder Brow Certification.

Students will receive two kits during the 3 or 4 – day certification. (day 4 is optional) The microblading kit and the ombré powder brow shading kit. The ombré powder brow shading kit includes the following:

  • 5 speed wireless machine for ombré powder brows
  • Stand for machine
  • Box of 1R needle cartridges
  • Box of 3R needle cartridges
  • Box of 5R needles cartridges
  • Box of 5F needle cartridges
  • Box of 7F needles cartridges
  • Silicone practice sheets for ombré powder brows
  • Blank silicone practice sheets for pixilation practices
  • Brow shape headbands for exercises
  • ombré powder brow and combo brow paper exercises
  • Clip cord covers

Let’s Be Clear. Microblading and Ombré Powder Brows is a different technique

Microblading is hairstrokes in the skin while ombré powder brow is pigmentation and pixilation. A microblading treatment is done with a manual too and the ombré powder brow treatment is done with a machine. The ombré powder brow technique is taught on day 3 of the Microblading and Powder Brow Certification. Below are some examples of microblading , ombré powder brows and combo brows.


Hair strokes alone create a natural outcome



Layered shading creates a dramatic outcome like powder or pomade

ombré Powder Brow


Combo brows combine both microblading and shading. This is also covered in the ombré Powder Brow Certification

Combo Brow

Run A microblading Business & Practical Training Day 4 (Optional)

Must bring own live model for 4th practical day

Starting any business can be challenging. On the 4th day of the Microblading and ombré Powder Brow  One – On – One Certification we help our students with the structure of how to begin their microblading studio. Learning the microblading and ombré powder technique is not all there is to think about when getting started. The student will also need to think about getting a tattoo license, buying equipment, working out a pricing structure and promoting their business. On the 4th day of the microblading certification we spend the morning helping the student understand these aspects of setting up a business.

Get trained Inside A Functioning Microblading Business

After hearing about the business side of running a microblading studio the student is guided on the following:

Full Microblading And Ombré Powder Brow Cart Setup

Going through a microblading and shading setup solidifies everything that is needed to provide a service.  This is a confidence building exercise for the student as many students fear that they will not be prepared in an actual treatment situation. BrowBeat Certification is of the understanding that providing the students with necessary equipment and product list is of the utmost importance as their questions about microblading far surpasses the technique itself but moreover to what is needed for the process in its entirety.

Role Play A Practical Application On The Avoidance Of Cross Contamination

Safety is of the utmost importance. While providing a microblading or ombré powder brow service a process in which to avoid cross contamination is vital.  The Student will have the opportunity to show the trainer their process with gloves and their cart setup.

Map The Shape On Their Model And Have It Discussed And Approved By The Trainer

Learning how to map the brow shape on a client is one of the most important parts of the service as bad shape is the clients biggest worry when receiving the treatment. In this exercise the student will get to map the brows using the BrowBeat mapping structure taught during day 1 and 2  of the certification. This live model mapping lesson is one of the most important parts of the entire course and widely enjoyed.

Show The Skill Of Best Picture Taking Practices

Good pictures = more $$$. The student is guided in effective picture taking practices using angles and lighting. Bad picture taking can affect a business. Lean the most effective ways to take pictures in an actual studio setting.

Make A Collage Of Their Mapping Before And Afters

The way client images are showcased can improve the appearance and quality of the microblading work.  Learn how to use a free version of Pic Collage to send clients professional pictures

Work On Their Model With A Silicone Headband Simulating A Microblading Treatment

The student gets to simulate a treatment on their model. Using a silicone headband, the student will do a simulated treatment on their model. This exercise assists the students understanding of the artist territory in the aspect of space relating to the client. Addinally this is an exercise on body and hand placement. The student will have a real – life simulation on what is like to be in front of a live human. Probably one of the most exciting exercises of the day, The silicone headband exercise is the final confidence building exercise of the day.


Microblading Course
Microblading One on One Certification img 003 ONE-ON-ONE CERTIFICATION
Microblading One on One Certification
Microblading One on One Certification
Microblading One on One Certification

Class Cost $6,599.00

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