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Perform Treatments On Up To 40 Clients!

What You Get

An extensive microblading kit is provided during course proceedings. This is enough to do up to 40 clients when it becomes time to provide the microblading and ombré powder brow  services. The kit has the following tools:


  • BrowBeat Microblading and Shading Pigments
  • (Blonde 1, Blonde 2, Brown 1, Brown 2 Brown 3, Brown 4, Red and Black)
  • An assortment of microblading blades
  • Microblading handles
  • Measuring calipers
  • Mirror
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • Ring cups
  • Grip tape
  • Soft pencils and razor for sharpening
  • Surgical marker
  • Wrench shaped ruler
  • blank silicone practice skins
  • Brow shape silicone practice skins
  • Head only silicone practice skins
  • BrowBeat Certification Folder with the following inserts:
  • Brow Shape exercise 1, 2 and 3
  • Equipment and tools list to run a microblading studio
  • Recommended lidocaine products
  • Client consent forms
  • BrowBeat Products order sheet
  • Tattoo license application (Texas)


  • 5 speed wireless machine for ombré powder brows
  • Stand for machine
  • Box of 1R needle cartridges
  • Box of 3R needle cartridges
  • Box of 5R needles cartridges
  • Box of 5F needle cartridges
  • Box of 7F needles cartridges
  • Silicone practice sheets for ombré powder brows
  • Blank silicone practice sheets for pixilation practices
  • Brow shape headbands for exercises
  • ombré powder brow and combo brow paper exercises
  • Clip cord covers

Want to be able to provide the most streamlined microblading treatment possible?

We want you to be able to deliver the most streamlined microblading and ombré powder brow treatment possible.

Golden ratio calipers

Golden ratio calipers are used for detailed brow mapping. The calipers keep brows following the rules of the ratio and are the easiest way to achieve brow symmetry.

Microblading handles

Microblading handles holds the tiny microblading blades and are the hand tool that creates the hair strokes.

An assortment of microblading blades

Blades can be confusing to the beginner student. We provide and educate our students on the only blades that will matter to their progress as an artist. The tiny microblading blades are single-use disposable and, when put together into a microblading handle, are the tool that creates the microblading hair stroke pattern.

Complete brown color palate of organic micro-pigments

BrowBeat provides the best inks in the business. Our inks are not a three-color blend and, therefore, much more stable in the skin. They do no-fade out to strange brow colors like red or blue as they are much more durable than primary color ink pigment blends.

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Numb patch

Pain management is essential to all clients; therefore, it is necessary to up and coming artists. Numb patches provide comfort to clients during the microblading treatment.


Tweezers are used as treatment commences, shaping the client’s brows.


Scissors can be used occasionally to trim brow hairs.


There are several wands and styles of cue tips that are going to streamline a microblading treatment. These wands provide ease of service when providing a microblading treatment.

Pigment rings/cups

Ring cups are needed to hold the micro-pigments during the treatment.

Practice skins

The practice is required to hone the microblading skill. These silicone skins mimic human skin and provide a platform for training.

3 Soft pencils

Pencils are needed while mapping out the brow shape on the client. These soft pencils are most comfortable to sharpen and manipulate

Razor blade for sharpening pencils

Soft pencils need to be sharpened with a razor blade for the most delicate possible lines.

Practice paper with front shape, conversion and full eyebrow shape

Practicing first on paper is helpful before working on the silicone skins; this helps solidify all the rules in the basic brow shape and hairs stroke pattern.

Client form templates

When performing microblading treatments, consents need to be filled out by the client. These templates give the necessary information to help the artist and clients for ease of service and understanding of expectations.

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