The field of microblading is fast growing and can be very lucrative with little training time required. For all of these reasons, more and more people are considering this as a career option. So the question is, is it all its cracked up to be? The answer is… Yes!

If you’re considering becoming a microblading technician but you’re still not sold, then you’ve found yourself in the right place! This blog post will give you 5 great reasons to quit your hesitating and just pull the trigger!


The first and most obvious way your life will be positively impacted is, of course, by making more money. Not only making more of it but making more money for less time and effort. Don’t just make more money, make better money! With most microblading treatments ranging in price from $500-$800 and average treatment time ranging from 2-4 hours and supplies costing as little as $10 per treatment, the profit margins are extremely high! Just think do the math! If you charged $600 per microblading treatment and performed the treatment in 3 hours, you would bring in a whopping $200 dollars an hour, no four-year degree required! Now, how do you beat that?

It’s also incredibly easy to get started. Many people think that you need to be knowledgeable about aesthetics or medicine to become a microblading artist. This is simply not true. Microblading artists come from all walks of life and all different career paths. This diverse group consists of tattoo artists, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, makeup artists, massage therapists, stay at home parents and even retirees. Anyone can learn the art of microblading feather-stroke, as long as they are detail oriented and devote enough time and effort to training in their field and perfecting their craft. In addition to no special skills being required, it is actually not as much of a long and exhausting process as you may think. Training takes only months, not years. And when you put it like that, it almost seems silly not to do it, doesn’t it?

Freedom of time

Besides all the extra cash you’ll be rolling in, you’ll also have more time. With the profit margins being so incredible, you can take only a few clients a week and still make a full time income. Whether you’re a college student who wants to work part time while going to school, or a stay at home mom who wants to help provide for her family while having more time at home with your children or maybe you’re retired and looking to supplement your income while still having the time and freedom to travel the country or visit the grandkids, a career in microblading could be just the answer for you! Say it with me: work less, make more.

There are lots of career opportunities!

When it comes to job opportunities, you’ve got lots of choices! While some may opt to go into business for themselves, opening posh salons in busy city centers, others will enjoy being part of a team, finding positions working alongside aestheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Making a career in microblading an even safer bet, the amount of jobs available in the industry is currently skyrocketing, with no sign of stopping. Microblading, as well as the Permanent, Make Up industry, as a whole, has been experiencing rapid growth as of late. There is no shortage of demand, so there’s no better time to make the leap, than right now!

The work is challenging but very rewarding

So making more money and having more free time all sound great but is the work actually enjoyable? Good question, the answer depends on you. Do you enjoy being creative, showcasing your artistic talents through detailed and challenging work, meeting new and exciting people every day and changing peoples lives by making them look and feel their best? If your answer was “yes” then a career in the field of microblading could be incredibly rewarding for you! No day or treatment is ever the same and you will never ever forget the first time someone cries, from joy, after seeing themselves with eyebrows for the first time after losing them to alopecia, trichotillomania or chemotherapy. It is the best feeling in the world! The art may be skilled and time consuming but, oh boy, is it rewarding! Trust me you won’t ever regret it!

Giving Back

As we mentioned earlier, the field of microblading is experiencing an incredible rate of growth and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon! That means that the demand for microblading artists with quality training is only going one direction, up. This means even more opportunities to grow your career. Once you are an experienced and established artist, you may have a desire to pass along all the hard won knowledge you have acquired through your years of practice in the permanent cosmetics industry. Offering Training is a way to not only make more money and advance in your field but also to educate and empower others to improve both their lives and careers. And it always feels so good to pay it forward!

That was just 5 of literally hundreds of reasons why starting a career in microblading can be a powerful, empowering and life changing experience. Whether you are young or old, new to the beauty industry or a seasoned pro, a career in microblading can fit virtually any lifestyle and anybody. Giving you more time to spend with the ones you love and more money to experience the things you love. With demand growing every day and training only taking a few short months, shouldn’t you get started today?

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