As women in life, we have a great deal of pressure. Pressure to have a career, pressure to raise a family, the pressure to look beautiful, the pressure to excel.

How do we balance this act? For most of us, it’s a challenge. We want to be all that we imagine, but somewhere along the way, we get sidetracked. Now we’re having a baby unexpectedly, now we have to quit college and get a job, now we have to be responsible for our family. Poof. Our dreams start to get pushed away little by little and now they are just a dot in the distance. We do realize it but that is the reality that most of us live in. The dreams that we once were so focused on, got pushed away and little by little then became just a tiny dot in the distance. In life, we have to deal with what’s in front of us, right now so the focus is only nearsighted. Who has time for dreams? We are focused on putting clothes on the backs of our children, taking care of our sick mother or holding the fort down while our husbands chase their dreams instead. But what IF we could have it all? What IF we could achieve this all quickly? Well, ‘what ifs’ are now as we present this opportunity to you.

Most people work hard to become an academic because there is a guarantee of a higher level of income, but what if that guarantee was there for something that you can learn in a matter of months? How could this ever be possible? It must be too good to be true, right? Wrong!

Learning how to microblade can offer you that very opportunity. The industry of permanent make up is booming, and the need for artists is growing and growing, making now the time to act! You too can become a microblading artist and it’s probably not as hard as you might have thought!

Microblading is the new and exciting art of depositing ink via a tiny blade in the format of crisp and precise hair strokes. These tiny hair strokes mimic eyebrow hair and when done well and with the right training can look very realistic. Many women of today suffer from hair thinning problems such as alopecia. Or they may have hair loss due to something like chemotherapy. Whatever the reason, microblading restores lost hair and lost self esteem. There is nothing better than being able to make money and support your family while making your clients feel beautiful and confident. A career that’s both lucrative and rewarding? Yes, please!

Becoming a microblading artist is easy. It’s just repetitive practice set in an ordered format. It takes no special skills and no college experience. Practically anyone can become a microblading artist! Microblading artists are a diverse group with backgrounds from moms and teachers to tattoo artists and retirees! Could a career in microblading be just what you’ve been looking for? Come and join the amazing permanent makeup industry by learning how to microblade with BrowBeat Microblading certification and training!

There are many training programs out there but what makes BrowBeat different? The mentorship. Mentoring is so important to our students because people learn at different speeds and will need different styles of tutoring to fully comprehend a subject. BrowBeat offers custom mentorship because of this very reason. We want to make sure that all learning capabilities, no matter how different, can comprehend our criteria. Our course is heavy on theory content along with the practical. This is unlike any microblading certification of its kind! It is important to understand the art so you can address tedious questions as they arise. Additionally, your potential clients will have questions about their skin and various other questions that you as their artist will need to answer. If you cannot answer these questions your client will lose faith in you and move on to someone who can answer these nuanced and difficult questions.

BrowBeat Training & Certification Academy gives our students the confidence they need to morph into the artist they desire to become. Extensive theory and practical testing are done to make sure our students become certified on the highest level. Yes, there are courses out there that are cheaper and shorter in time span. Yes, there are companies that will certify you after two days. But let me let you in on a little secret.


It takes most people over 200 hours just to feel confident. And any company that will certify you in two days after only 16 hours of information is just after your money. You will need time to marinate, consider and mull over all the information you learn, actively asking questions as you take in new information.

Our students get six months of hands on mentorship. This enables them to actively ask questions as they pass the levels of homework assigned to them.
Don’t sell yourself short in your microblading certification because some other company is selling a course that is cheaper. Sometimes cheap is just plain cheap. Give yourself the support you need to help you fly into your new microblading career!