We’re almost done with the first quarter of the new year but this doesn’t mean it’s too late to start a new career. And if you’re in search of one that’s both empowering and lucrative, look no further than microblading and you’ll be surprised by how much do microblading artists make! 

Therefore if you’re now wondering how much do microblading artists make? How much work is involved? How exactly do you start a career in this craft? Well, think of this article as your one-stop guide because we’ll cover everything you need to know about microblading and make sure you’re on your way to a successful career as an artist in this field!

Let’s Cut to the Chase…

How much do microblading artists make?

Well, according to ZipRecruiter’s March 2022 data, microblading jobs in the United States pay an average annual salary of $76,019. This equates to earning $1,462 per week or $36.55 per hour which is five times the minimum wage rate here in Texas. Thus, there’s no denying that the craft can offer great opportunities for those who want to start a profitable career.

How Do You Become a Certified Microblading Artist?

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make

Now that we’ve answered the question of how much do microblading artists make, it’s time to explore how you can become one yourself. Of course, like any other lucrative career, becoming a microblading artist requires some education, training, and experience. And to give you an idea of how to get started, we’ve outlined the basic steps you need to take below.

Find a Trusted Microblading Training Academy

While there are tons of tutorial videos you’ll find online, the safest and most reliable way to learn the craft is by enrolling in a certified microblading academy. This way, you can be assured that the techniques you’ll be learning are up to date and will give you the best foundation for your career.

Furthermore, you’ll get to meet and learn from reputable artists who have already been in the business for years. And if you’re ever stuck or have any questions, like how much do microblading artists make, these instructors will be more than happy to help!

Enroll in a Certification Course

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make

Once you’ve found an academy you trust, it’s time to sign up for their certification course. Microblading courses nowadays come in different forms–some are online, some are in-person, and some combine both. You’ll want to make sure that the course you choose is one that suits your learning style and is accredited by a reputable organization.

Build Your Microblading Portfolio

During your microblading training, you’ll be given the opportunity to practice the skills you’ve learned on practice skins. You can make the most out of this by documenting your work and creating a portfolio. This will not only help you showcase your talent to first clients, but it will also help you track your progress and improve your skills over time.

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make: Never Stop Learning

Once you’ve finished your training and become a certified microblading artist, you can finally start working on actual clients. However, you should never stop learning and advancing your skills. Always attend workshops, watch online tutorials, and read articles about the latest trends in the microblading industry. This way, you’ll be able to offer your clients the best service possible and maintain a successful career in this field!

Also, don’t forget to add your every work to your portfolio. This will be a testament to how good you are as an artist and how much experience you have.

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make: Your Microblading Career Options

We might have answered how much do microblading artists make, but it’s important to note that the said figures can vary greatly depending on several factors. One of these is the path you choose to take in your career. Below are some of the most common options microblading artists have:

Become a Microblading Artist at a Studio

If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to work for a studio. This will give you the opportunity to learn from more experienced artists and hone your skills. In most cases, studios offer a set salary as well as a commission on services rendered. By doing this method, you will have an idea of how much do microblading artists make. 

This is also the best option for those who do not have the time and resources to start their own business. Furthermore, they would be familiar with how much do microblading artists make before establishing their own salon or studio. 

Start as a Freelance Microblading Technician

If you want to work independently but you’re still not quite ready to open your own business, starting as a freelance technician might be the best choice for you. This option lets you have more control over your work schedule and how much you make. But it also comes with more responsibility, such as securing your own supplies and marketing your services.

Run Your Own Microblading Business

If you’re quite confident in your skills and you have the financial resources, starting your own microblading business might be the best option for you. This allows you to set your own rates, choose your own clients, and work on your own terms.

However, it also comes with more risk and responsibility. You’ll need to be able to manage everything from marketing to bookkeeping, and you’ll also need to make sure that you’re always up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Become a Microblading Trainer

Once you’ve mastered the craft and have a few years of experience under your belt, you might want to consider becoming a trainer. This allows you to share your skills and knowledge with the next generation of microblading artists and help them build successful careers in this field. 

By the time you become a microblading trainer,  you are very much familiar with how much do microblading artists make and you will be the one sharing this information with your trainees or students. 

How To Start Your Own Microblading Business

You wouldn’t be asking how much do microblading artists make if you didn’t consider starting your own career. And if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, we’ve got you covered! In this section, we’ll discuss the basics of starting your own microblading business and how you can make it a success.

Set Up Your Own Microblading Studio

When you know how much do microblading artists make and are ready to start your business, you can begin anytime.

Your microblading studio doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. In fact, a simple room or space in your home can be enough to get started. However, you will need to make sure that it’s clean and sterile, and will be comfortable enough for your clients.

Complete Your Microblading Tools & Equipment

Classes on Microblading

Of course, you’ll have to invest in some basic tools and equipment before you can start offering services. This includes a reclining chair, a workstation, sterilization equipment, and of course, the microblading tools themselves.

Also make sure that you stock up on supplies such as pigment, needles, and adhesive. This can be a bit expensive in the beginning, but it’s important to have a consistent supply of these materials so you don’t run out during a session.

Secure All the Necessary Permits and Licenses

While performing microblading in Texas does not necessarily require a license, your workstation has to have a tattoo permit secured by the Texas Health Department. This permit will ensure that your studio is up to code and meets all the necessary safety requirements.

How Much Do Microblading Artists Make: Spread the Word!

Once you’re all set up, it’s time to start spreading the word! Start by creating a professional-looking website and social media pages. Make sure you include photos of your work, as well as prices and contact information. You can also offer free consultations or promotional discounts to help attract new clients.

Ready To Make Profits As You Empower Your Fellow Women?

So how much do microblading artists make? As you can see, there are a lot of factors that come into play. But with the right training, experience, and skill set, you can definitely make a good living as a microblading artist while empowering your fellow women!

And if you want to get started in this lucrative career right away, we, at BrowBeat Advanced Microblading Certification Academy, offer all sorts of courses that will surely prepare you for success. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become a certified microblading artist!

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