Microblading Training Kit: A Comprehensive Guide 2021

Microblading Training Kit: A Comprehensive Guide 2022

Microblading is one of today’s most innovative beauty solutions that’s been ruling the industry for years. Thus, a lot of self-starters and experienced cosmetologists are wanting to learn the craft. However, just like any other beauty technique, practicing this procedure entails having your own microblading training kit. And if you’re clueless about how you can start building yours, fret not! In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of the things you must have in your microblading training kit!

The Tools

Let’s start with the tools! 

When you’re learning microblading, one of the first things you have to know is how to handle and manage the tools with precision. That’s because these hand-held tools play the most essential, yet delicate parts in the procedure. But what exactly are these tools you should have in your microblading training kit?

Golden Ratio Calipers

First, we have the golden ratio calipers. This tool is used for precise brow mapping. It helps you make sure that the eyebrows are in line with the golden ratio and lets you prevent any asymmetry. With this tool, you can create an eyebrow perfectly proportioned to your clients’ faces.

Microblading Handles

Another must-have tool in your microblading training kit would be the microblading handles. This handtool is primarily used to create hair strokes. This is where a microblading artist inserts a blade to give the eyebrows a nice line and enhance their look. 


Before the treatment begins, a microblading expert uses tweezers to shape the client’s brows. These tweezers help pull out unwanted hairs or small pieces of tissue from around the brow area, before and after the procedure in case stray hairs appear. 


Another microblading tool that you must secure in your microblading training kit is a pair of scissors. While they’re not always needed, scissors are used occasionally by artists to trim brow hairs.


Wands come in different styles with different cue tips. These tools help streamline the procedure as they let the artist swipe and shape the eyebrow strands with ease.

Soft pencils

Of course, you won’t be doing the procedure without creating an outline or pattern first. And these pencils are just exactly what you need for that! Before the actual microblading, the artist would use a soft pencil first to map out the brow shape on the client’s face. 

Now, you may be wondering, does it really have to be soft? Well, if you don’t want your clients to feel any discomfort as you draw the outlines, then yes! It’s better to use a soft pencil!

Your Consumables

Of course, your hand tools are practically useless if you don’t have the consumables. In your microblading training kit, these are the ones you have to check from time to time to make sure you’ve got enough for your next practice or procedure!

Microblading Blades

There are different kinds of blades you have to be familiar with as you learn microblading. These come in different sizes and are used for varying purposes. The tiny microblading blades, for example, are used to create hair stroke patterns. These are single-use blades and must be disposed of after the procedure. 

Now, we understand that the function of each blade can be quite confusing, primarily to newbies. This is why in our microblading training, our mentors discuss all the nuances and intricacies every student must learn about these blades. 

Numb Patches

Another thing you shouldn’t forget to have in your microblading training kit would be the numbing patches. These patches are used to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible for the clients. 

Secondary Numbing Solution

The secondary numbing solution is a top-up to pain management after the treatment has commenced. A microblading artist applies the solution to re-numb clients when the initial numb begins to wear off. 

Razor Blade for Sharpening Pencils

A razor blade is used for sharpening the soft pencils for the most delicate possible lines.

Pigment Rings/Cups

Ring cups are used to hold the micro-pigments during the treatment. These are the ones that get consumed easily in your microblading training kit, especially when you’re already practicing the procedure.

Microblading Pigment

And of course, your microblading training kit won’t be complete without the pigments. These are what will add color and definition to your clients’ eyebrows. Most starter kits offer 3 to 5 colors or shades of pigment such as black, brown, and blonde. 

The Disposables

And because you’re just starting to learn the craft, your microblading training kit has to have the disposables for your practice sessions! These will help train your skills and prepare you for your first actual microblading procedure.  

Practice Skins

One of the essentials in your microblading training kit would be the practice skins. These are made of silicon which has a texture that’s very similar to the human skin. Thus, these silicon skins are perfect for practicing how you should draw the strokes and insert the pigments. 

Practice Paper with Front Shape, Conversion, and Full Eyebrow Shape

Another inclusion in the microblading training kit is the practice paper. Practicing first on paper is helpful before working on the silicone skins; this helps solidify all the rules in the basic brow shape and hairs stroke pattern. 

Client Form Templates

When performing microblading treatments, the client must fill out consents. This is why the microblading training kit also comprises client form templates. These templates give the necessary information to help the artist and clients set their expectations before the procedure. 

Get Your Microblading Training Kit from BrowBeat!

Pretty overwhelming, right? The good news is you won’t have to gather all these tools and materials yourself! 

BrowBeat Studio Microblading Certification and Training Academy provides comprehensive training to aspiring microblading artists who are looking for a game-changer in their current profession. And an inclusion to the microblading package is a microblading training kit that has everything you need to start your microblading career or business!

That’s right! BrowBeat’s microblading training kit starter can work up to 50 clients. Thus, you can already see the return of investments after doing a few clients!

What Sets Our Microblading Training Kit Apart?

Aside from having all the tools, consumables, and disposables, you’ll need, our microblading training kit provides a complete brown color palette of organic micro-pigments (8 X 10ml pump bottles). Thus, it has a wide variety of inks you can use to create the best brows. Furthermore, our inks are not a three-color blend, making them more durable and less likely to fade out in strange colors like red or blue.

Why Are Our Pigments Different?

If you didn’t find that convincing enough, here are some other things you might need to know about our pigments:

  • Our inks don’t contain mercury, iron oxide, lead, or arsenic.
  • BrowBeat pigments are from organic substances that produce a brown color. These colors are more stable in the skin and are less likely to fade because the colors were always brown, to begin with.
  • They remain natural-looking when the microblading or semi-permanent tattoo itself starts to fade.

Some of our pigments are as follow:

  • BLONDE: The blonde pigment is the lightest color and should be used with light eyebrows and skin tone. This is best suited for clients who have white blonde or yellow blonde natural hair color. 
  • BROWN 1: Brown 1 is a light brown pigment and can be used on medium blonde, light warm brunette, and redheads. 
  • BROWN 2: Brown 2 is neutral brown color. This color suits ashy dark blondes, medium-neutral brown-haired clients, and people who dye their hair darker than their eyebrows. Because it is neutral, it can fit with many eyebrow situations. 
  • BROWN 3: Brown 3 is a medium/dark brown best used for Pan Asian or Latin American brows that are usually dark in color. 
  • BROWN 4: Brown 4 is excellent on African Americans, South Asians, and general. This is perfect when the client needs a darker pigment to contrast with a dark skin tone. 
  • GREY: Grey is perfect for mature clients, fair skin tones with black hair, light eyebrows, and some Asian clients. However, it’s best to listen to the client’s desired outcome before deciding to use this color. 
  • RED: Occasionally client’s brows reflect warmer tones than the basic 4 browns. And red can be used to warm up brown or create custom colors. 
  • BLACK: The usage of the black pigment is to mix custom colors. Its organic base is carbon black.

These pigments are made of the following ingredients:

Brazilian palm tree wax, water, acrylic acid (ester), MA copolymer, hydrogenated coconut oil, lanolin, glycerin, propylene glycol, two isostearyl alcohol malic acid ester, tnethanolamine, sorbitan sesquioleate, methyl lisothiazolinone, iodine propargyl alcohol butyl carbamate, C177492, C177891, C177491, C177499

Final Thoughts

Learning the art of microblading isn’t simple, especially when you’ve got a variety of tools and materials to familiarize yourself with. Moreover, all these contents of your microblading training kit have different purposes and nuances you have to master. 

However, with the proper training and education from a qualified school and mentors, you’ll surely learn all these as you practice your microblading skills!

Once again, thanks for your time in reading this post about Microblading Training Kit: Your Ultimate Guide 2022. Let us know if you are ready to jump-start your career in the beauty industry!

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