If you are a Dallas salon owner, you are constantly searching for the next thing to bring clients through your doors. The simple fact of the matter is this: unless you are staying booked consistently you can’t make money! So how do you appeal to the widest audience? Variety, you offer a variety of services. We only have one answer for that: Microblading Training Dallas

This means more clients and more appointments! Indeed there is always some new workshop for increasing your business by learning this new technique or that. But what if you could learn to perform a treatment that no other hairdresser can do? Something only your salon could offer?

…What if you learned to perform microblading?

As a woman in the beauty industry, I’m sure you have already heard of the new eyebrow trend taking the world by storm but in case you haven’t… microblading is the art of depositing pigment in the uppermost layers of the skin via a tiny handheld blade, this is done in a precise pattern that when done correctly, mimics brow hair perfectly.

This may sound complex but I assure you it’s quite simple when you follow our foolproof method! Anyone can learn to microblade so long as they dedicate the time to hone their skill!

As a Dallas salon owner, you have a few distinct advantages over the average microblading artist.

Your first advantage on Microblading Training Dallas is that you already have space within which to perform the treatment! You will not need to spend any securing a location as you already have a workspace that would be standing empty during unfilled appointment times anyway.

The second advantage you have in Microblading Training Dallas is your built in clientele. You already have an established client base as a Dallas salon owner and are adding a relevant service to your treatment menu. Many clients will of your other services will also become clients of your microblading services as well.

You also have the option of offering a discount for existing clients or creating a referral program, both of these options don’t require a single dollar to be spent on advertising.

And lastly, you get the benefit or credibility! Because you already work in the beauty industry as a Dallas salon owner, clients will automatically assume you know what you’re doing, even if you are just starting out. This is a huge advantage for Microblading Training Dallas. Two of the hardest challenges a new microblading artist can face are establishing clientele and establishing trust and credibility!

Even better, there are no training hour requirements from the state like there is with cosmetology or aesthetics. You won’t have to spend 600 hours here! In fact, most of our students complete the course after about 150-200 hours of training and practice. All you need to do is learn to microblade and register with the health department once your training is complete!

So how do I go about learning to microblade? That’s a wonderful question – and we have the answers!

You’re going to want to find a Microblading Training Dallas that specializes in only microblading. Our course is designed to be done in three parts and the majority can be done in your spare time, via smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. The first portion of the training program is the two-day in-person workshop. This is where you will receive all of your course materials, meet the other students as well as meet your mentors and learn the basic steps for performing a microblading procedure.

From there, you will begin the second portion of our training course which is the distance learning portion. This is where you will learn the advanced theory necessary to become a true microblading expert. You will have access to a full library of video tutorials, which can be done using just your spare time and from the comfort of your own home.

There are ten levels of coursework to be completed. The last part of our training program is the mentorship and group participation portion. This is where you will turn in assignments, receive feedback from your mentor and participate in class discussions!

The whole process takes less than six months and is so affordable that most of our students make back their entire course fees in their first 6-8 treatments! We also give you all the materials you need for your first 30 clients or so. That way you can get started immediately.

So how much money can be made with a career in microblading? Microblading is actually incredibly lucrative! With the average treatment cost ranging from $500-$800 dollars, you can do as few as 4 appointments a month and still add thousands to your monthly income! Do four treatments a week and easily hit six figures.

If you’re struggling to fill appointments or need to add some extra zeroes to your bottom line then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Microblading is only growing in popularity! Artists are struggling to keep up with demand, making now the perfect time to get in at the ground level. Don’t waste another minute! Let BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification help take your career to the next level.

New classes are always starting and enrollment is always ongoing but space is limited, register today to avoid the waitlist!

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