6 Steps to Find Natural Eyebrow Shape A Student's Guide

6 Steps to Find Natural Eyebrow Shape A Student’s GuideNatural eyebrows are vital for framing the face and creating a specific look that complements one’s features. Many people want to find out their natural eyebrow shape and aren’t sure where to start. Fortunately, finding it is easier than you might think!

However, it would be challenging for beginners to shape their eyebrows naturally, mainly if this is not a part of their routine. This post will teach you everything you need to know about finding your natural eyebrow shape and create your perfect brows.

Understand What Does Natural Eyebrow Shape Mean To You

Everyone knows that brows are unique natural gifts, we’re born with them! We only shape them to fit some standards of beauty (which you might think is not natural). So what is the “natural eyebrow shape?”

Let’s discuss the eyebrow trends first. Brow styles change over time. There are eras where thin eyebrows were a trend, and many ladies wore thin brows because it was the fashion back then.

But today, those thin brows are not a fashion trend anymore. Fuller and lusher eyebrows are storming not only in the US but all over the globe. Many people (women and men) save money to have microblading eyebrows to make their brows thicker and full-blown.

Natural eyebrow shape is not like these trends; it can withstand the test of time. It isn’t set in stone, and it changes throughout our decades on this earth because of several factors. For you, this shape is unique and natural-looking.

But, if you badly need a list to follow, you can fit yourself in to belong to these common eyebrow shapes.

Rounded Eyebrow Shape

As its name suggests, this natural eyebrow shape is literally a natural arc—no corners and peaks, just a curve above your eyes. It works well to complement and soften the strong angles on your face. So if you have facial features that are shaped anything but round, a rounded natural eyebrow shape is the best choice.

Arched Eyebrow Shape

While the name sounds like “arc,” this shape has a lifted peak. It is ideal for round and oval faces, adding definition and geometry. There’s a spectrum of the arch brow shape, from subtle to extreme, with the subtle ones looking close to the rounded shape.

Upward-Pointing Eyebrow Shape

This natural eyebrow shape has a peak pointing upward and two outer edges angled downward toward the cheeks. It provides lift to a wide face and proportion to a narrow one. It complements the heart-shaped and long oval faces.

Straight (or Flat) Eyebrow Shape

A flat eyebrow or straight brow might confuse you, but it is an eyebrow shape that has no arch or peak. It goes parallel to each other, like a broken straight line. This natural eyebrow shape works well if you have angular facial features and prefer an understated brow look.

S-Shaped Eyebrow Shape

S-shaped eyebrows are the least common and the most difficult to achieve because it requires specific skills and techniques. It starts almost flat, then ramps up before the peak, which from there it scoops down in a small arc. The angles of this natural eyebrow shape make it great for faces with soft features.

You might need help to find out which shape suits you. You can ask a friend, look at pictures for reference or even compare your own with the examples above. But if you are a fan of DIYs, you can easily find out your natural eyebrow shape in the next steps.

Collect Your Tools and Look for the Natural Light

It’s time to prepare! Hopefully, it pushes you forward out of the comfort zone and clears out your doubts. Let’s get ready to find out your natural eyebrow shape!

Before you go out, ensure to wash your face before drawing your brows to remove the residues from your makeup and skincare products. Then, prepare all the tools you need to find your natural eyebrow shape. Remember that the right equipment in shaping your eyebrows plays a vital role in achieving a satisfying result. Make sure to bring the following in your bag:

  • Brow pencil
  • A pair of Slanted stainless steel tweezers
  • Spoolie brush
  • A pair of sharp brow scissors

Natural light is the best lighting when finding your natural eyebrow shape to make your brows fabulous. Your face might look completely different under artificial light compared to natural light, so finding a place with the right lighting is quite important to get accurate results.

Try going outside, preferably on a nice day, or in your car, where natural light comes from all angles around you. Be careful—points and lines will be drawn all over your face before finding out your natural eyebrow shape. You don’t want embarrassment during this crucial step, so a safe place outside is better than a public place.

When you start working on finding your natural eyebrow shape, don’t use magnifying mirrors or avoid staying too close in front of the mirror. It increases the chance that you will overdo your eyebrows. Furthermore, move your face away from the mirror from time to check your work.

Pinpoint Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

Here’s the fun part: drawing points and lines! Well, it’s not the eyebrow yet, but this step is crucial to show what shape fits your face and its features without compromising their natural symmetry.

To identify the natural eyebrow shape, you have to find these three main points:

  • The head – the starting point, most adjacent to the nose
  • The arch – the highest part of the eyebrow
  • The end of the tail, or endpoint – the endpoint is nearest to the outer corner of the eye.

So now that we know where these points should go, let’s begin drawing on your face! (you can do it!)

How to find the start of your natural eyebrow shape?

An easy way to do this is to use your brow pencil to draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the nose. It is at this location on your face where your brows should start. Apply a brow pencil to your natural shape with these easy steps.

Identify your arch

To find your natural eyebrow shape, position your brow pencil under your nose. To make it more comfortable, rotate the pencil, aligning to the bottom with the outside edge of your nose, and the top extends past your eye pupil. Your brow arch should be here. Use the fine tip of your pencil to mark the area lightly. The arch’s height changes as the brow are drawn, and this development will occur during the drawing process.

Pinpointing the end of the tail

Once again, place your brow pencil to the edge of your nose. The brow pencil’s base touches the nose while the pencil’s tip goes over the outer edge of your iris. Mark the spot with your brow pencil lightly. And this is the end of your brow.

Drawing your brow

After marking the start, arch, and end of the brow’s tail, the next step is to draw the eyebrows lightly by connecting the three markings and creating your natural eyebrow shape. Don’t forget to check the hairs that are located outside the lines drawn and tweeze them.

Tweeze Carefully

It’s time to remove the unnecessary hairs that are outside of your brow map. However, be cautious in tweezing. You should start from the middle because this will give you greater control over where the eyebrow shape ends. When you create the natural eyebrow shape, start from the middle and then work your way outwards.

Here are a few notes to keep your eyebrow away from harm. It is essential only to tweeze the natural eyebrow shape and not to touch anything else. You should also set a timer for ten-minute intervals when you are tweezing to not spend too much time on one section.

Trim and Brush

Now that you’ve created your natural eyebrow shape, it’s time to trim and brush! Trimming the brows will make them look a lot more natural.  The natural eyebrow shape is much broader than the actual eyebrow, so be sure not to trim too far back when trimming.  If you have incredibly sparse eyebrows, it may be necessary to use a brow pencil before brushing on the powder.

Fill the Eyebrows with a Pencil

After trimming and brushing your eyebrows, it’s time to fill them in with your brow pencil, creating hairlike strokes. Make sure to make the head thicker and the tail thinner. Run your spoolie brush on your eyebrows to blend the pencil. Using a sharp pencil when filling the brows is better to achieve your eyebrows’ natural look.

And there you have it, ladies, the steps in finding your natural eyebrow shape. You can start practicing to make your eyebrows fabulous until you are excellent at doing the routine. However, if you can’t afford to do this beauty routine every day, there’s a terrific method in enhancing your eyebrows called microblading.

Food for Thought

There are women who want their brows to look good all the time, and they are willing to spend money on the makeup kit to make their eyebrows fabulous. In recent years, an advanced method of enhancing the brows has been getting the attention of many women (and men) worldwide, thanks to microblading eyebrows.

Microblading makes the ladies’ morning beauty routine easier and time-saving. After having the microblading procedure for two sessions, they can enjoy their fabulous brows for up to three years without worrying about their brows’ appearance when they are at the gym sweating, or the sudden pour of the rain catches them.

Visit BrowBeat Studio Dallas Advanced Eyebrow Microblading Experts to check our services and ask for a piece of advice about making your eyebrows gorgeous.

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