Did you spend months studying, memorizing hundreds of products and learning dozens of procedures; Did you spend thousands of your hard earned dollars studying to become a licensed esthetician, only to graduate and realize you can’t make enough to pay your bills? What if you could make twice as much and only have to learn one more procedure and perform just this one procedure, for the rest of your working life? Would you say yes to this incredible opportunity? Then, say yes to microblading! Microblading, a form of semi-permanent make up, is the process of depositing pigment into the uppermost layers of the skin. A small bladed handtool is used to create superficial cuts in the epidermis, being careful not to reach the dermis layers of the skin, ink is deposited inside of the cut via a process called “backfilling” or another process which is referred to as a “color bath”, these superficial cuts or “strokes” are arranged in a specific pattern, so as to appear as brow “hairs”. Sound complex? It’s not!

As an esthetician, you are only successful if fully booked. Therefore, you need to offer a wide array of services to appeal to the widest client base. That way if a particular service is not very popular one month (let’s say facials), you are able to draw revenue from other services (for instance, chemical peels or waxing services). But what if you could only ever have to do one simple procedure and still make the money of your dreams? Better yet, if you have a slow week or even a slow month, you still make incredible money! That’s because microblading procedures are so much more lucrative than anything you’re offering now that you can work half as much and still make more.

So what does it take to become a microblading artist? Well, it doesn’t take nearly as long as your esthetics school, that’s for sure! Rather than 1,200 hours to complete our microblading training takes between 150-200! As an esthetician, with applicable knowledge regarding healing as well as skin texture and elasticity and practical skills like steady and precise hands, for instance, the learning time can be substantially shorter. Instead of taking a microblading course to add microblading to your services as an esthetician, why not ditch the pimple popping all together and make twice as much just doing microblading. Microblading is the service!

So it’s 150-200 hours total but how is the time divided and what’s included? Well, our microblading training course is divided into 3 easy and convenient portions! The first piece is our intensive two-day in-person workshop, this is where you will learn the basic process of preparing for, carrying out and sanitizing after a microblading treatment. You will receive a kit with all your tools and materials and have a chance to begin using all of them! Fun fact: Your kit includes enough product for between 30 and 50 full treatments, just a little gift to get your new career started! Next, you will complete the distance learning requirements, 10 levels of video tutorials and graded assignments must be completed and passed. You can access the video tutorials and turn in assignments from anywhere on the globe at any hour of the day or night! Simply log in to our virtual training from smartphone, tablet or laptop computer! The third and final piece of the puzzle is the mentorship and group interaction portion. This is where you will practice the procedure, using latex imitation skin, get interactive feedback from your mentor and join group discussions with your classmates! Most of our students complete the full course in just a few months. And the course fees? Most students earn back their course fees in just a few treatments! Now that’s a deal you just can’t beat!

So you keep saying make twice as much but how are you getting that number? Simple! It’s public record! Salary earning demographics are recorded by census. The average esthetician’s salary? Only, $30,090 per year! The average microblading artist’s salary is more than double at $63,754 per year! And with the cost of a single microblading treatment ranging from $500-$800, you can afford to work less often and still make incredible money! Let’s say you charge $500 per treatment (I’m using the lower figure for our purposes here), you could take two appointments a day, three days a week and still take home $3,000 at the end of the week, that’s $12,000 a month and nearly $150,00 per year! That’s working only 3 days a week!

So what should you look for when choosing a microblading training and certification course? That is a very good question! First, make sure the instructors have a strong and proven track record in the permanent makeup industry. For instance, at BrowBeat microblading Training and Certification, all of our ‘mentors’ are established artists with thousands of happy clients serviced between them! Their work and their reputation are rock solid and that puts our students at ease! Next, make sure that they have a comprehensive course. What does this mean? There are some fly by night training academies out there that will certify you to microblade on live clients after only a one or two day workshop. Beware! It is impossible to cover all of the in-depth theory in only one or two days. 150-200 hours of independent practice and guided study are needed before one is ready to work on live skin. That is why BrowBeat Training includes up to 6 months of mentorship and has a rigorous self-paced curriculum to be completed after completing the two-day workshop. The workshop should be the beginning to any course, not the end. So there you have it! Make sure to do your homework before choosing your program.

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