As a nurse injector, you are constantly looking for new and better services to offer your patients. One of the most popularly demanded such treatments of the moment is microblading. Microblading can be used to cosmetically treat brow hair loss. Giving clients with little or no brow hair fluffy beautiful eyebrows without the cost and invasive process of implants. Actually, it can give the result the same day and with virtually no downtime all performed under a topical anesthetic!

If you’re a nurse injector chances are you’ve already heard about microblading, the hot new semi-permanent make up technique that promises “brows on fleek” from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Microblading is the process of creating superficial cuts in the surface layers of the skin with a small handheld blade and depositing ink or ‘pigment’ within them, this is done in a precise order to create the illusion of individual hairs within the brow. When this is done precisely, one cannot tell where the microblading begins and the client’s own brow hair ends. This makes microblading the perfect treatment protocol for many suffering from alopecia, chemo-related hair loss or trichotillomania. As a nurse injector, you have a distinct advantage over the nail technician or hairdresser who has learned to perform microblading treatments and that advantage is trust. Clients will innately trust you over someone in the beauty industry because of your medical experience. You’re knowledge of the skin’s healing process and understanding of sanitation practices will automatically put clients at great ease! Another advantage you have is a built-in client base. Most likely, you already work in a medical spa, plastics or dermatology office and have a steady flow of clients already. Marketing to existing clients or offering discounts when microblading services are ‘added on’ to other services can be wonderful ways to market your new service to a relevant audience without spending one single solitary dime on advertising! Not to mention many new clients of microblading services, seek these out through their favorite plastics or derms office.

Microblading treatments are an extremely lucrative way to boost revenue! With the average treatment cost ranging from $500-$800, you can take only a couple of microblading appointments a week and still make an extra $1,000 each week, that’s right, each week!

So how do I become a certified microblading technician? Come to BrowBeat! BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is DFW’s #1 Microblading Training Program! Our training program is divided into three parts. The first part is our two-day in-person workshop! This is where you will become familiar with your tools, learn to perform the microblading procedure and meet your mentor and classmates. The second part of our training program is the distance learning portion. This is where you will learn the in-depth theory required as part of BrowBeat’s Certification Standards. Topics that will be covered are healing, aftercare, contraindication, sanitation, color theory, consultation and more! The third and final portion of the BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification program is the mentorship and group interaction portion, in which you will turn in assignments, receive feedback directly from your mentor and interact in group discussion. You can access your coursework, turn in assignments and participate in group discussions all from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or computer. This can be done anytime and anywhere! Many of our students complete their coursework in as little as six months, studying only in their free time. This makes it the perfect option for those who would like to learn microblading without having to quit or reduce hours at their job. Making money shouldn’t be taking money! Keep your job and still learn how to microblade! It truly is the best of both worlds!

So how much does it cost? Our course fees are all-inclusive, you will never be asked to spend additional money for materials, books, course fees, administration fees or absolutely anything else! Not only that but we will give you all the materials need to perform your first 30 treatments or so! Our gift to you to help get the ball rolling! Our all-inclusive course fees which includes all of your materials, class fees and our amazing SIX MONTHS of mentorship is $3,300. Most students are able to make back all of their course fees with just a few microblading treatments!

When you put it like that, what have you got to lose? Register to change your life today! New classes are always starting and registration is ongoing so there’s no need to wait but hurry space is limited! Act now to skip the waitlist!