Makeup is powerful. It changes how we feel about ourselves; it can give us confidence and help us to express our creativity and individuality. If makeup has always been a passion of yours then a career in makeup only makes sense. But what if you’re dream makeup artist career just doesn’t pay the bills like you wish it did? Learn microblading! No cosmetology or aesthetics hours required!

Microblading is the hot new semi-permanent make up technique for perfectly realistically fleek-y brows all year round! It’s popular with celebs and beauty influencers alike! Among them, Kim Kardashian and Huda Kattan, just to name a few! So how is the procedure performed? Firstly, you do a consultation with your client, in this process, you will use your knowledge of shade matching and brow mapping to asses color and determine your outline, or shape of the brow. You will also educate the client on the procedure as well as healing and aftercare instructions. Clients should also be allowed to ask any questions they would like. Try not to be impatient, this is a crucial step for putting clients at ease! Once you have determined color and outlined the shape you will numb the client’s entire brow area with a topical numbing cream. Then the procedure begins, using a tiny handheld blade you will create superficial cuts in the upper layers of the skin, these are filled with microblading ink or “pigment”, these are arranged in a precise order to perfectly mimic real hair that would be found in the brow! Once healed the finished product is completely waterproof and can be visible for up to two years! Imagine what you would pay to never have to do your brows ever again and have them look 100% natural. Is it a lot? Because people will pay a lot for this procedure! In fact, people do every day!

So how do you add microblading to your list of services as an M.U.A.? You’ll want to get certified through a reputable company that offers a comprehensive program! What is a comprehensive program? What we mean by “comprehensive” is that it goes beyond just the basic technique but also teaches theory. For instance, healing, aftercare, and sanitation to name a few! At BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification, we cover all of these subjects and countless more! We prepare you for every scenario and we provide you with six months of continuous support from a dedicated mentor! Never let a single question go unanswered!

So what does a training program look like? Good question! While all microblading training programs are different, our course is comprised of three parts. The first part is the two-day in-person workshop. This is where you will receive all of your supplies (Your kit includes enough product to do roughly 30 treatments!) and become familiar with the basic technique. The next part is the distance learning portion, in which you learn the in-depth theory required to prepare you for the real world and working on your first clients! We provide you with a full video curriculum that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. You will also spend time perfecting your technique and turn in assignments to your mentor in order to complete the course. That’s where the third part of our program comes in! Personal tutoring by your mentor! You can interact every single day, your mentor will give you personalized feedback and advice! You will also get to interact with your fellow classmates in our group discussion! Most of our students study only part-time and still graduate in just a few months! It doesn’t take 600 hours as a cosmetology or aesthetics program would! No way! Complete your training in only 150-200 training hours! Another plus, most of our students earn back the full training course fees in just a few treatments!

So how much money can be made with a career in microblading? You’d probably be surprised! Microblading treatments range from $500-$800 on average. That means that you can take only one appointment a day and still make an extra $10,000 a month! Because the value of microblading treatments is so high, you can work less and still make more! Be your own boss and make your own schedule! Work as little or as much as you’d like! You can even continue working as an M.U.A.!

Will you teach me to find clients? BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is unique, in that, our program not only teaches you about microblading, it also teaches you about business! From online presence to sealing the sale, we teach you everything you will need to know to find your first clients! And remember, we also provide you with enough materials to perform approximately 30 treatments, so that you can get started immediately! As an added perk, you have an existing client base as an established makeup artist!

Why should I do my training with BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification? Well, what really sets us apart is the six months of ongoing support and mentorship! You will have an experienced artist and trainer assigned to you to answer all of your questions and give you advice and feedback at any time for a full six months! We’re also the most comprehensive microblading training program in all of North Texas! You won’t find a more in-depth training program! Sign up now and start earning the money you truly deserve! New classes are always starting but space fills up fast, Register today to avoid the waitlist!