It can be quite scary graduating High School, entering a time of financial independence, without a certain future. That is how it feels for those of us who don’t fit the classic mold of taking a gap year in Europe and then spending four years at a university, possibly joining a sorority. This is no longer the reality for most young people these days. Many of us are thrust into the world at 18 with no means of supporting ourselves. This means we need money now.

So if we are not the college type, what options does that leave us? Well, the National Guard is always hiring, with generous signing bonuses and opportunities to see the world it can seem tempting to some but I’ve never seen myself doing well in a boot camp type environment. Maybe you but certainly not moi. So what then is left? Entry level classifieds searches, sending hundreds of resumes to get one or two responses, and the ones that do respond are for things like telemarketing or fast food. That’s fine for some but not for you and me! We want more than $10 an hour! We want to pay off our parent’s house in cash, am I right?! Well, there may still be a way… That is if you can see yourself in a fun, creative and glamorous career! So, can you?

One of the main reasons I opted away from a traditional path of a four-year college is the cost. The average American spends between $10,000 and $30,000 per year in tuition to attend a traditional four-year university. That adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars! For someone like me, without the benefit of parental assistance or enough credit to get approved student loans, even those ones they tell you credit doesn’t matter for, that just wasn’t an option for me! Secondly, I didn’t want to invest all that time. It would be four years before I would even notice the benefit of all this studying and working double shifts (to pay for tuition and rent), I just did not have that kind of time!

Microblading was the solution! I was able to train for an amazing career in only a few short months, not years! And guess what? It pays way more than I would have made starting out with a degree in something like communications. The average microblading artist salary is $63,754 per year! I could expect to make right around $35,000 per year with an entry-level job and a bachelors degree! Right there, I knew this was a much better opportunity, at least for my needs and lifestyle! But the thing is, you can make way more than that if you’re a motivated artist! Microblading treatments range from approximately $500-$800, making it easy to make all the way up into the 6 figures if you’re fully booked!

So what is Microblading? If you haven’t already stumbled across #microblading on Instagram or heard about one of the celebs who claim to have had the procedure done, microblading is a hot new brow technique where skilled artists draw in individual hairs to fill in the brow, it looks just like real hair! It’s quite impressive! This is done with a tiny handheld blade dipped in ink or “pigment” the bladed tool is then used to “draw” hairs in the brow area, the blade creates a shallow cut in the surface layers of the skin and deposits the pigment within it, this heals and the “hairs” added by the artist stay in the skin for up to two years! This gives the client hyper-realistic filled in brows every day with no maintenance. They never have to apply makeup or worry about them washing off! This is a service people will pay high dollar for and it’s something anyone can learn to do! Yes, that includes you!

So how do you start your own microblading career? The first thing you are going to need is high-quality education. Now, I know it seems like I’m doing a hard left here, I get it, I’ve been bemoaning the formal education system this whole time but hear me out… I don’t think that there is absolutely no value in education or career training. If you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, civil engineer, et cetera, then you definitely want to go to a traditional university, you will undoubtedly benefit from the debates, lectures, and texts covered.

I just don’t believe in getting a four-year degree for the sake of a degree. How useful is a women’s history degree when searching for a job? I have never seen a job posting looking for a women’s historian. If those positions do exist they are certainly few and far between! These liberal arts degrees are only designed to continue to funnel you through the formal education system, all of the applicable jobs are in teaching women’s history. Therefore you are required to obtain at least your masters if not doctorate, more school, more money and still not a whole lot of pay at the end.

That doesn’t mean that you can just do a specialized and skilled job with no training or that you should get your degree from Google. There are lots of careers that require training without you needing to go the traditional route of a four-year university, for instance, you wouldn’t expect your mechanic to work on your car without first being trained, right? But you wouldn’t demand him to have a four-year degree, would you? My point is, I’m not an extremist, just because a traditional four-year degree didn’t fit my career path doesn’t mean it won’t for some and others benefit from other types of training!

So what does quality training look like? Any program worth its while should cover more than just the basics of performing the procedure. Look for a comprehensive program that also covers theory. Some topics you will need to study in order to be fully prepared to start your own microblading business are healing, sanitation and color theory, just to name a few. Bonus points if they also cover business principles as well, for instance, how to find clients or marketing & social media. At BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification, We not only cover the basic techniques, but we also cover in depth theory along with teaching basic business principles, you’ll need to start and to grow your business! Not only that we provide six months of ongoing support so you can have each and every question answered by a real microblading expert assigned to you! You’ll also receive all of your tools and products required for performing a treatment! As many as 30 treatments in supplies, so you can start making money right away!

So how long will it take you and how much will it cost you? Let me tell you! Amazingly, most of our students graduate in only a few months! Even better they are able to make back their full cost of tuition in their first 6-8 treatments!

You’ve been searching for a path and now you’re here, it’s right in front of you, will you take it? Do you want to be rich and fabulous while we’re still young?! Then what are you waiting for? Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised; We only have today! Start training for your new career now! BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is DFW’s most comprehensive training course!