So you spent years killing yourself with late night study sessions, cramming for exams and scraping your way through nursing school only to realize you have nothing to show for it but loads of student debt and 4 years of your life gone that you can never get back? The truth is nurses just are appreciated or paid what they truly deserve. Nurses are caretakers by nature, kind, loving, selfless. Everything we as a society profess to value above all else and yet they are underpaid and so little get the recognition they deserve. If you’re a medical assistant, nursing assistant or home health aide, the pay is even worse! Even though many of the duties and responsibilities are the same! How is that fair?

So what should you do now? You’ve always dreamed of helping people feel their best and giving back but now that dream seems so far out of reach but what if it wasn’t? What if you could still do that and make the money you’ve always dreamed of too! The kind of money that doctors make! And all without years of school and thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loan debt? Microblading or the process of depositing ink or ‘pigment’ underneath the surface of the skin via a tiny hand held blade. The strokes of pigment are arranged in such an order and fashion that they mimic the natural hairs of one’s brows. If this doesn’t sound like deeply profound and meaningful work, consider those who suffer from chemo-related hair loss of alopecia totalis, for these people you are offering them something quite powerful, in fact, many of these clients tell us that their experiences are life changing.

Demand for perfectly groomed brows is higher now than it ever has been. Thousands of brow tutorials fill YouTube, Cara DeLevigne and her brows is the face of every makeup product on the market at the moment and celebrities are coming under the knife for perfect brows and espousing their love for the life simplifying procedure. Brows are seriously having a moment. With no shortage of demand, there is no better time than now to join the industry!

As a nurse, you already possess many of the skills and much of the knowledge needed. For instance, an understanding of the healing process, what contraindications are and they mean, proper sterilization practices and skilled steady hands (hello placing a pic line, am I right?!). You already possess so many of the skills needed to be great at the skilled art of microblading. This will uniquely position you ahead of your competitors!

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘Sounds great but I can’t quit my job and go back to being a student!’ We hear you!! That’s why we’ve created a flexible learning program that can be done mostly from home, on your own time and at your own pace. Our training program is set up like this; Part one, A two day intensive in which you will meet your mentor and fellow classmates, learn the basic procedure as well as sanitation, health code regulations and aftercare instructions. We will also briefly cover theory topics such as color matching and best practices. Part two is the distance learning portion of the program that gives our course its flexibility and convenience. This is where you will learn the more in-depth techniques used during procedures and be able to study and practice practically what you have learned. These lessons are available to you in a video library accessible any time of day or night via smartphone, tablet or computer, study at your own pace, on your own time so you can earn while you learn! And the third and final piece of our training course is the mentorship and group learning portion. This is where you will submit assignments to your mentor and participate in group discussion with your classmates, a virtual classroom if you will.

How do I know if BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is the best choice for me? Well, there are a few things you should watch out for when choosing a microblading training program. While nursing schools have standardized curriculums, there are no guidelines or regulations that say what exactly should or shouldn’t be included in a microblading training program. This means the due diligence is even higher! If courses only teach you the basic procedure and don’t address in depth theory, run! Some of the topics that should be covered are healing, aftercare, contraindications, sanitation and more. Also if they promise to certify you after only two days, you should be very wary. It is virtually impossible to learn the precise blade technique in only two days. A course should not be in the business of certifying the most artists, it should be in the business of certifying the best artists.

So how long does it take and how much does it really cost? The best part of training to be a microblading artist is that it takes only a small percent of the time and money required with nursing school. In fact, most of our students graduate in just a few months and are able to make back all of their course fees with just a few appointments!

Ok, so you’re confident that you can learn microblading and that BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is the place to teach you! But what about finding clients? This is something totally unfamiliar to someone who works in a hospital setting. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too! BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification will teach you everything you need to know about client acquisition. There are also plenty of opportunities to partner with doctors working in medspas, plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices. A setting that may feel comforting and familiar to the nurse-turned-microblader. This is always a great option for first getting one’s feet wet.

So now all that’s left to talk about is all the extra cash you could be making! With treatments ranging anywhere from $500-$800 per treatment, you can work 6 hours a day, 3 days a week and still make six figures easily! Now that’s worth dreaming about!

Sign up now for our comprehensive microblading course! BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is North Texas’ #1 Microblading Certification Program! Registration is ongoing but classes fill fast!