If you’re a hair nail technician or salon owner, you are always looking for newer better ways to serve your customers, you take pride in offering your clients unique, one of a kind services that no other nail technician can offer. The fact of the matter is, a career as a nail technician is just not that lucrative by itself, you have to diversify to survive, so you create a list of add on services, waxing, threading, massage, etc. But what if you could offer something truly unique, perfectly shaped brows that last for years not weeks or months?! Microblading is growing more and more popular, catching the attention of celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele. And it is only going to gain popularity! Microblading allows the artist or technician performing the procedure to give their client the appearance of individual brow hairs where they have none, defining an arch, filling in sparse tails or correcting asymmetry and adding back balance between the two brows. When done perfectly, you should not be able to tell where the work begins and the clients own hairs end.

But what is microblading? Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, in which pigment is deposited in the surface layers of the skin to mimic the appearance of natural brow hair. This 3D brow technique is cutting edge and is quickly replacing other brow shaping methods (threading, tinting, etc) as it lasts two years ass opposed to two months!

One of the benefits of already being in the beauty industry is that you already have the booth space and now you will be able to fill otherwise empty appointment times. Your rent for that booth is not pro-rated when you have a slow week and don’t see any clients, you are losing that money regardless! Turn that dead space in your schedule into cash by augmenting your appointment schedule with microblading services! Another benefit of already being established is a built in client base, you can market to existing clients by offering a referral reward system or a discount to existing clients who try microblading for the first time and you can do it all without spending a single dollar on marketing! And last of all, you get the benefit of credibility, you’ve already established a trust and rapport with your clients, they are not having to trust a stranger with a blade near their face, instead, it is a familiar friendly face they know and trust! This will put your clients right at ease, even if you are just starting to do microblading procedures, they will trust you based off of the relationship you have already established. Establishing trust is one of the hardest things for a new microblading artist to do, and you’ve already got that under wraps! Congrats! You’re already ahead of the game!

Best of all, you don’t need to go to a lengthy cosmetology or aesthetics program. You can operate out of your existing space with your existing credentials (and a license from the health department) No cosmetology or Aesthetics training needed! You will simply need to learn to microblade, that’s it! And that’s what BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is here for! We’re North Texas’ #1 Microblading Certification Program.

So, what does microblading training entail? While every training program will be slightly different, our program consists of three parts. Part one is the two-day intensive in-person workshop, this is where you will learn how to prepare for and perform the procedure as well as gain a basic understanding of color theory, aftercare and healing as well as state regulations. Next, is the distance learning portion of the program, where you will receive additional instruction, as well as, practice and perfect your treatments, you can do this anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your smartphone, computer or tablet. The third and final part is group instruction and interaction with your mentor. This is where you will be able to interact directly with your mentor and participate in discussions with classmates, this is our virtual classroom if you will. This is also where you will submit practice assignments and receive feedback. Once you have completed all of the required practice assignments, you will be given your microblading certification. Most of our students finish the program in a matter of a few months, practicing only a couple of hours a day!

So exactly how much revenue can adding microblading to your list of services bring to your business? How about an additional 5K a month? Sound too good to be true? Let’s talk numbers! The average cost of a microblading treatment is between $500-$800. For our math, we’ll use the lower end, so let’s say you charge $500 for each of your treatments, that means you would only have to do 10 treatments a month to break that goal of 5K. Now, that doesn’t sound so unrealistic anymore, does it?

So what are you waiting for? Every second you waste is money down the drain! Start learning today so you can start earning tomorrow! Our classes are always enrolling! Call now or enroll online. Don’t let another day go by with empty appointment times and an empty pocketbook! We even have an Early Bird special (call for details) to save you even more! There’s no excuse, sign up today and change your life!