Are you considering going to school for either cosmetology or esthetics? Why would you spend between 1500 and 2100 in training before starting your career when you could learn something even more lucrative in only 150-200 hours? It’s called microblading and it could be just the thing you’ve been looking for! Brows are hotter than ever! Brow tutorials are flooding YouTube every day! Celebrities like Cara DeLevigne and the big bold brow look are everywhere you turn! #Brows has exploded on Instagram! Brows are having a moment! So why not specialize in the hottest trend? Why not specialize in brows? In only 150-200 hours of practice, you can become a Certified Microblading Artist! Microblading is the art of depositing pigment, via a manual hand tool, just below the surface of the skin, when done in a specific pattern and order, this perfectly mimics the natural brow hair! Microblading, when done correctly, is virtually indistinguishable from natural brow hair.

At BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification, you will learn how to set up for a procedure. We will tell you everything you should and shouldn’t use during your treatments. From legal limits for topical lidocaine to custom blending ink, we break it all down for you! You’ll also learn the unique health department laws for the state of Texas. Never risk non-compliance with our comprehensive overview of health code. We’ll also talk about healing, aftercare, and contraindications! What should you do in the case of excessive lymph production? What about if a client has an allergic reaction? You should never be caught unaware in these tricky situations! We’ll tell you exactly what to do and what not to do! And lastly, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of business, how to build an online brand, implement an automated booking system and how to attract clients! We give you all of the knowledge you’ll need to get started from A-Z! What’s even better is, we’re going to also give you all the supplies you will need to start doing procedures on clients. No initial cost for materials and a clear step by step path to generating leads? What more could one ask for?!

So how long does it take and what does it entail? While all training courses are different, our course is comprised of three parts. The first is the intensive two day in-person workshop, this is where you will learn the basic technique used for microblading. We will also cover extensive theory such as color blending, skin healing differentials, liability and so much more! The second part of the course is the distance learning portion where the majority of your 150-200 hours of learning will occur. This is provided to you in the convenient format of video lessons, accessible on any smartphone, tablet or laptop and at any time. Watch video lessons on your laptop while riding the train to work or your smartphone while standing in line in the grocery store, you have complete freedom! The third part of our training course is the mentorship and group learning environment. This is where you will submit assignments for grading, interact directly with your mentor and have discussions with other students, this is our “virtual classroom” if you will. No need to drive to a cosmetology school several times a week! We bring the classroom right to you! Most of our students are working within a few months. Microblading training is also a tiny fraction of the cost of a conventional cosmetology school, in fact, most of our students make back their course fees in a few treatments!

Are there any requirements? Can anyone learn to microblade? The answer is both yes and no. Learning to microblade requires dedication and practice hours. If you are willing to put in the practice hours, you will learn to microblade. You do not, however, need to be a particularly artistic person, you don’t have to already be good at makeup or any other preconceived notion you might have. When I say anyone can learn to microblade, I mean anyone. Stop holding yourself back from your full potential due to fear! A very lucrative career awaits you!

Is it rewarding and worthwhile? Will I get bored? Well, I can honestly say that you will never get bored! Each treatment is new and different with its own unique set of challenges. The work is mentally stimulating and creative. And as far as rewarding? You will never forget the first time you are able to give a cancer survivor their brows back! That’s all I can say.

Okay, sounds great! How much money can I make as a microblading artist? Great question! Microblading is incredibly lucrative. The margins are excellent with the cost of materials being only a few dollars per treatment, the artist spends little out of pocket, except for time. The average microblading treatment ranges in cost from $500-$800. If you see just two clients a day, working only four days a week, you would still earn a whopping $124K a year, fully booked! That’s way more than a career in cosmetology will offer you in way less time! If you think about, going to cosmetology school doesn’t even make sense now, does it?!

So what are you waiting for? New classes start all the time and registration is always ongoing! We even have specials! There’s really no reason not to call! We’re waiting to empower your life today. Start today, Get rich tomorrow!