Are you a tattoo artist looking for new ways to make money? Learn permanent makeup!

Tattoo artists are self-made creative types who are passionate and hungry, They are always looking for the next angle or the next hustle. If you’re looking for something new, something unique, something no other tattoo artist is doing, learn permanent makeup. Ok, you’re skeptical, I get it, it’s not exactly ‘Sailor Jerry’ approved but suspend your disbelief and let me tell you why.

As a tattoo artist, you have three things already built in. The first is the space with which to perform the procedure in. You are already set up and established. Half of the work is already done for you. You don’t have to spend any time or expense procuring space and enticing traffic. This is already built in. The second thing is clients, let me say that again, clients! You have an existing client base and tattoo shops also generate lots of word of mouth and foot traffic, what’s more, you instantly have credibility as you’re already a permanent artist, you have experience with inks, healing and aftercare routines, this means they can safely put their trust in you, even if you are just starting out. That experience also benefits you by drastically cutting down on your learning time! This is something so similar to what you already do that you will be able to pick it up almost immediately! And the third thing is a tattoo license! No time or money needed there either! You are already sitting on a gold mine and you don’t even know it!

Ok, so permanent makeup, where should I start? Why not brows? Brows are more popular than ever! Men and women alike are spending more money on grooming their brows than ever before! Celebrities like Cara DeLevigne and Gigi Hadid are plastered everywhere, Eyebrow tutorial videos on YouTube have 20 million views and Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis espousing their love of permanent brows, brows are more lucrative than ever!

Microblading is the most cutting edge technique for semi-permanent brows. When done correctly you cannot even tell the difference between the ‘tattooed’ hairs and the natural brow hairs. It takes a skilled and precise hand, knowledge of inks and healing and a tattoo license, all of which you already have at your fingertips! The process is done via a small hand tool with a row of tiny pins, which create a ‘blade’, this is used to deposit pigment in the upper layers of the skin or ‘ dermis. These are always placed in a specific pattern and must always follow some simple rules. This is where you will need the assistance of a training program!

So what does a microblading training course look like? While every course is different, we can tell you how we’ve created ours! Our training program is divided into three parts! The first is the two-day in-person workshop, this is where you will learn the basic stroke pattern and manual hand tool method. The second part of the training is the distance learning portion, this is where you will learn the advanced techniques and be able to practice on those familiar practice skins! You can access these video lessons anytime, anywhere from smartphone, tablet or computer. Your choice! Want to do your lessons at 1 A.M. in your underwear? No problem! Work on lessons between tattoo appointments? Sure! The third and final piece is the mentorship and group learning component of the training class, This is where you will interact with an established microblading artist who has done hundreds of clients and can guide you through all the hurdles you will go through as a new microblading artist. This is also where you will submit your assignments for grading and have class discussions. We bring the classroom to you, wherever you are! And even better still, most of our students are working artists within a few months time and we provide all the supplies you need to get started! Oh and the money spent on training? Our students make that back in their first few treatments!

I still haven’t convinced you yet, have I? No matter, I haven’t even told you the best part! All the money you can make with microblading! The average microblading treatment is between $500-800 and the average treatment time is 2-4 hours. That means you can make between $200-$400 an hour with a microblading treatment! And that’s all without spending an extra dime on rent or marketing!

So what are you waiting for? Our courses are ongoing and always enrolling! Ask about specials for even more bang for your buck! Call now or enroll online!