It has been ingrained in us from birth, to get ahead, to be successful, you need to go to college. In fact, many of us feel the pressure to be the “first” of our family to graduate high school and attend college. The intent is caring and sincere, simply a parent wanting a better future for their beloved child, it is still, however, grossly misguided. The simple fact of the matter is that most degree programs only set us up for debt and a world of glass ceilings. While some careers definitely require this formatted learning, for instance, doctors or engineers, most degree programs do little to actually prepare you for a job or career. Think about it how many people do you know working mid-level office jobs with degrees in non-career specific fields of study. Degrees in French History, Political Science and Chinese Literature just simply don’t translate to real world job opportunities, certainly, the opportunities are at least very few and far between. Yet, the number one reason we go to college is to make a better living. So many graduates every year with no job prospects and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This is not exactly the legacy mom and dad were dreaming of when encouraging their child to get good grades and go to college. More and more articles are being published every day by business analysts, psychologist, statisticians and many more qualified professionals bemoaning the current college system for cost students more than that degree ever ends up making them. There must be a better way and there is!

Microblading, or the art and practice of depositing ink via a tiny handheld blade in the upper layers of the skin to mimic eyebrow hair, requires only a few months to learn and starts you earning money right away! Not four years from now! While the clout and status that comes along with being a doctor or lawyer is enticing if you could make the same amount of money in a fraction of the time, wouldn’t you? You can have the money and freedom to finally take care of your family and isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Better yet, if you’re already enrolled in classes and want to continue your degree, you can! Microblading is a skill that can be learned in your free time, in the comfort of your house, apartment or dorm room!

A microblading education will also cost you a fraction of what a college degree will, with the average price of tuition at a four-year institute ranging from $10-30,000 per year, you can easily rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, in your four-year tenure. An education in microblading? Well, it won’t cost you hundreds of thousands, it won’t even cost you tens of thousands! In fact, most of our students are able to recoup their training costs in as little as 5 treatments performed! Better yet, all of the supplies you will need to start working are provided for you, saving you hundreds more! Making it so that you can start working and making money, straight away! No need to purchase anything yourself!

So what does microblading training look like? Well, all training programs are different. Our training program is composed of 3 distinct parts. Number one, an intensive two-day in-person workshop, where you will get loads of hands on training, we will also teach the basic concepts behind color theory, healing, aftercare, and Texas state regulations. Part two of our training program is the distance learning portion, similar to an online class you would take at your local college, this is done online via video lessons and assignments you are able to turn in 100% online. You can do this anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or computer and is self paced, take as little or as much time as you need to complete the different levels of coursework. The last and final piece is the mentorship program and group learning part of our program. This is where you will interact with your mentor directly, get questions answered and submit assignments. All assignments are discussed and corrected in a group environment so that students may learn how to correct their own work and recognize common mistakes. This is our virtual classroom if you will. Once all the levels of assignments have been successfully completed and turned in, you will receive your official certification.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘How much money does the average microblading artist make?’ Excellent question! That is after all the whole purpose of career training, to make more money! Microblading has incredible margins, the materials needed cost only a few dollars per treatment making it cost the artist mostly time. The average cost of a microblading treatment ranges from $500-$800 and takes an average of 2-4 hours to perform. Making it possible for you to make between $200 and $400 an hour, all with no degree and better still, no debt! Many microblading artists are able to make six figures all within their first year of work!

What are you waiting for? Don’t keep switching majors aimlessly. Start working toward a new career today and be making the money you’ve been dreaming about in a few short months, not years! Registration is always ongoing so why not start now?