10 Reasons to Consider a Professional Career in Microblading

If you are considering a career in microblading, we’ll cover all of the essential aspects in this article so that you know whether or not it’s the right career choice for you!

What are you looking for in your career? If you’re interested in a job that has an artistic flair, then a career in microblading may be the perfect choice for you. Microblading is the process of using needles to hand draw hair-like strokes on someone’s skin to create natural-looking eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner.

What Is Microblading?

10 Reasons to Consider a Professional Career in Microblading

10 Reasons to Consider a Professional Career in Microblading

You may have heard of microblading but don’t know what it is. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses a handheld tool to draw hair-like strokes and deposit pigment into the upper layer of the skin where eyebrows are sparse or nonexistent. This cosmetic procedure can give your eyebrows shape and definition, so they look fuller or more natural.

But before deciding if a microblading career is right for you, let’s talk about the reasons why you might want to look into getting trained in this exciting new field!

We can consider the first half to be the benefits of kickstarting a career in microblading, which will hopefully inspire you to pursue your dream of becoming a part of the beauty industry.

#1: Offers Lots of Career Opportunities

How many people do you know who start their microblading career? Probably not very many! That’s because the industry is still relatively new, which means that there are many career opportunities to be had right now for those interested in starting their own business or working at other salons.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming part of the beauty industry but don’t necessarily want to work as a licensed cosmetologist (i.e., be responsible for doing hair treatments and creating makeup). In that case, a career in microblading may be for you.

You can find a permanent makeup career whether you decide to work at a salon or invest in your own business! As mentioned above, there are several different options for working as an artist in the beauty industry.

#2: You Can Manage Your Schedule

Do you want a flexible schedule? The beauty industry generally has many different work schedules due to clients’ varying lifestyles and daily schedules. Some may work during the day, some in the evenings, and others on weekends or even through online sessions! No matter what your schedule looks like, you’ll be able to find a career that will allow you to make it your own.

#3: A Career in Microblading Is Never Boring

If you want to have a job that allows you to be creative, you can consider a career in microblading! Imagine when someone comes in for their initial appointment; they are usually nervous and unsure about the result. Then you let your hands do their magic and start by drawing some brow shapes on their skin and then go through several different microblading strokes with your client. Isn’t it so much fun to see the transformation?!

Microblading is an industry where creativity thrives because of its diverse and constantly changing clientele. Plus, in the beauty industry in general, it’s essential to be creative because you’ll need that creativity when designing new products or services for your clients!

#4: You Don’t Have to Have a Degree To Become a Microblading Expert

Are you looking for a career where you don’t necessarily have to go through four years of college? Then a career in microblading may be perfect for you!

You can become a professional microblading artist with as little as 300 hours of training! That means that anyone interested in this career path, including those who have been laid off from their old jobs or recently graduated college students looking for a new way to make money, can get started TODAY.

There’s also no need for any formal education to start a microblading career in the beauty industry; however, it is strongly recommended to receive training from a licensed educator. Even if you do not choose to go through formal schooling for your career as a microblading professional, several options exist that allow artists and technicians to develop their skills and knowledge of this technique.

#5: The Future of Microblading is Bright, and it’s Changing People’s Lives in Amazing Ways.

If you want to be a part of something that will make people feel good about themselves, start a career in microblading! Microblading is one of the most rewarding careers out there because it has the power to change lives for the better!

When someone comes into the salon, their eyebrows may look barely there or completely uneven with no natural shape. Your goal is to make them feel beautiful by giving them the brows of their dreams. You should take your time with each client to achieve the best possible shape and color for their faces. A microblading career is so rewarding when someone leaves your salon feeling more confident than ever!

Furthermore, when someone feels confident about their physical appearance, they are more likely to succeed in other areas of life, such as at work or school. In other words, we feel more fulfilled when we look and feel good about ourselves! In fact, the ability to express ourselves through our physical appearance is one of our most basic human needs.

The second half reasons to consider a microblading career can be the disadvantages; however, it doesn’t mean that they are discouraging. Instead of thinking of it as the cons, better divert it to be the challenging part of becoming a microblading artist. Keep in mind that the first is always the hardest.

#6: Microblading Requires Specialized Training Program

Microblading is one of those careers where you either have it or don’t, and there’s no way around that, which means some people might not be qualified to become an artist in this industry. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because microblading is first and foremost about quality rather than quantity! However, to be a great artist in the world of microblading, you must have certain qualities and characteristics.

As mentioned above, one of those things is to be well-versed with how makeup works, as that will significantly help your ability to substitute it for tattooing! You’ll also need an artistic eye because every eyebrow requires its unique shape, hair strokes, and color, which means no two are the same!

#7: You’ll Need to Have Advanced Hand-eye Coordination Skills

As mentioned above, microblading is a skill that takes hundreds of hours to learn, so you must be prepared for this challenge! You can expect your first several hundred hours of training to involve drawing on eyebrows with pencils and then eventually using microblading needles.

#8: Patience Plays a Significant Role in This Field

Another quality that you’ll need when considering a career in microblading is patience because it’s not an easy job! Microblading takes hundreds of hours to learn, which means every artist must prepare for this challenge! It can be very physically demanding, especially if you’re also working simultaneously; however, most artists will tell you they learn something new about eyebrows every day, which means this career is never dull!

When you decide to begin a career in microblading, you’ll also need to be a great problem solver, as it’s inevitable that you will encounter problems; however, the good news is there are always solutions! In addition, this can come in handy when trying to fix eyebrows for clients who have unrealistic expectations.

#9: A Career in Microblading Requires Capital.

One of the significant downsides of a permanent makeup career is the cost of supplies. For example, you must purchase high-quality microblading needles, which can be very pricey! Additionally, many artists spend hundreds of dollars on training materials required to learn the proper techniques and work with clients. You’ll also need a place to set up your shop or workstation where you will create eyebrows for clients.

#10: It Would Be Challenging to Break into the Beauty Industry

Having a career in microblading can be challenging to break into the industry because not everyone has what it takes to become a great microblading artist; suppose this career choice appeals to you. In that case, you’ll hopefully get in touch with some local microblading professionals and ask them if you can shadow them for a day to know exactly what the job is like before making your career decision!

The great news is once you develop your skills and become an excellent artist, you can expect to have fun learning something new about eyebrows every day! Additionally, a permanent makeup career is never boring because you will encounter many problems and challenges along the way.

In a Nutshell

You might want to know what you are getting into before you commit and jumpstart a microblading career. First and foremost, you have to be passionate about helping people feel better about themselves to succeed in this industry. On the other hand, many benefits come with being a microblading artist, including working with your hands for hours while making good money!

Talk to us if you made up your mind and want to enroll in microblading training. Our classes are ongoing, and we are still accepting students for our upcoming training programs.

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful in making your final decision in beginning your career in microblading. Thanks a lot for your time!