Cosmetologist Career Opportunities

Cosmetologist Career Opportunities

Whether you like to empower women or you simply love everything about beauty, being a cosmetologist is one you must try and explore! And if you’re looking for a chance to widen your horizon, this industry has so many career opportunities to offer! One of these is the craft of microblading that’s been making waves in the beauty scene.

In this article, we’ll let you in on our secrets to becoming successful in this field and help you discover the path that best suits you. So read on and prepare to discover the world of beauty and microblading.

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the art of enhancing one’s skin, hair, or nails. This expertise is mastered and performed by licensed cosmetologists. Perfecting their craft requires them to undergo various training sessions and work with fellow artists in the industry.

Every day, cosmetologists help thousands, or perhaps millions of people find confidence in their beauty. This is why being an artist in the field of cosmetology is a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.

What Being a Cosmetologist Is Like

You might not think of a cosmetologist as an artist, but they are. They have to be good with their hands and knowledgeable in their specific area of expertise before they could perform their craft. But what sets them apart from other beauticians is that you can find one anywhere—from salons, spas, and even nail studios.

A cosmetologist also serves as a companion and a go-to person for their clients they’ve built rapport with. Aside from the significant changes they make in one’s appearance, the hours spent during beauty sessions are a bonding time with these clients.

Who Are Microblading Artists?

Some of these cosmetologists who have been shaping the beauty industry and empowering different lives are microblading artists.

Microblading artists or technicians are trained and licensed professionals that help individuals get their desired eyebrows. These artists possess the skills essential for microblading such as hand coordination, precision, manual dexterity, and drawing capability.

With extensive training under their belt, they are artists who understand how to create brows that could give you that defined, natural-looking appearance. Hence, if you’re looking to be one, you must be prepared to take courses such as in-person certification or one-on-one microblading training to truly understand the craft. Joining these will help you learn from the best artists in the field and have a good grasp of what it takes to become one.

Is Becoming a Cosmetologist A Good Career?

Whether you’ve chosen to become a microblading artist or a hairstylist, the possibilities are endless with a career in this industry. You can work for a reputable salon or strike out on your own as an independent contractor or even a business owner. And if you’re not yet convinced with the career’s potential, here are some things you should know about the world of cosmetology.

The Cosmetology Field Is Expanding

Recently, the demand for a cosmetologist has been flourishing. Many people are now switching their jobs to being one due to its increasing popularity among clients. Furthermore, many clients desire more services from makeup artists, hairstylists, microbladers, and the like. They work together to contribute to the growing emphasis on beauty and wellness.

A Great Appearance Is Timeless

Another reason why being a cosmetologist is skyrocketing today would be the continuous rise of beauty trends we get from celebrities. And because of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, more and more people discover different forms of beauty and get enticed to bring out theirs.

This Field Of Glamour Has A Competitive Demand

Cosmetology is a booming industry that has a lot of opportunities for its artists. However, the competition can be challenging, so some companies only hire people who are really experts in their craft. Thus, having a solid foundation must be your priority if you want to succeed in this industry. And to establish this foundation, you must invest in a comprehensive training course and learn from the pros.

Yes, Cosmetology Can Bring You A Fortune

According to, the career outlook in the cosmetology industry yields positive results worldwide. Moreover, the majority, if not all of the careers in this field are proven to be profitable. Microblading artists, for example, can earn over $45,000 in a year. Of course, the figures can go higher if you set up your own business or make a name in the field.

Perks Of Entering The Cosmetology Industry

Aside from its lucrative potential, the cosmetology industry has perks others can hardly offer. The following are just some benefits if you choose to pursue a career in this field.

Job Fulfillment

As a cosmetologist, every day is an opportunity to make someone feel good about themselves. As you work your magic on their looks, they will be sitting in anticipation in the chair and eagerly waiting for those excellent results! The moment when all of the hard work pays off – your client looks amazing all because you were able to give your best. That feeling can’t even compare with anything else out there.

Wide Range in the Profession

Aside from working in studios or salons or starting their own business, a cosmetologist can also work with celebrities and big productions such as TV shows and films. Again, the possibilities in this field are endless. Hence, the bigger goals and aspirations you have, the farther you can get.

Establishing Connections

A cosmetologist builds relationships and establishes connections with clients, colleagues, and the people around. Since every service takes a couple of hours to do (and that’s just an average number!), there is plenty of time for communication. Thus, every session can serve as an opportunity to build rapport and get to know a potential friend or business partner.

Welcoming and Comfortable Workplace

People will always want to be in someplace where they can have their worries melt away. Many people seek out becoming a cosmetologist because it’s an environment that promotes relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment of themselves and others.

Think about it–wouldn’t it be nice to go into a relaxing environment that is also comfortable? Well, these places exist, and you can find them in spas and salons. A cosmetologist provides friendly services for clients while relaxing and enjoying themselves too!

Flexible Schedule

Being a cosmetologist gives you the chance to empower others while still having the time for other things you love. Whether you’re a microblading artist, a nail technician, or a hairstylist, you can do so many things outside of your work. You can always try to learn new skills, spend time with your loved ones, or even do vlogging which can promote your service.


Wanting a fresh start will never be a problem if you have a career in cosmetology. Being an artist in this field will enable you to work anywhere as long as you have your kit with you. For example, if you move to another city, you can always look for a studio or start your career as an independent contractor and promote your services online.

Other Available Careers In Cosmetology

Aside from becoming a microblading artist, there are many other career paths you can choose to take in this industry. Some of these are the following:


If you’re interested in working with hair, becoming a hairdresser is one of your best options. As a hairdresser, you have to learn how to cut, shampoo, and color your clients’ hair to their liking. While they may seem simple, learning the duties of this career takes practice but is definitely worth it.

Hair Stylist

Being a hairstylist is also a great choice for those who love working with hair. In this career, you’ll have to create different styles from the norm and see if they fit your clients well. The skills you’ll have to learn for this career include perming and making hair updos.

Nail Technician

You might not think that having beautiful hands or feet matters much. However, people do pay attention to these and will be thankful if you’re able to enhance them with your skills. As a nail technician, you will have the opportunity to pamper people’s hands and feet every day. Maintaining your nails is not easy, so imagine how much care it takes to make them look perfect for other clients!

Fashion Show Stylist

When it comes to fashion, beauty has a typical basis for what you wear. When styling one for the runway, there are many elements at play: color schemes, silhouettes- everything! Thus, becoming a fashion show stylist may be a challenging, yet exciting career for those who love the art of both fashion and beauty.

Makeup Artist

Playing around with makeup is fun and therapeutic at the same time. Now imagine doing this professionally.

As a makeup artist, you get to create looks for celebrities, models, and even people around the neighborhood. You can always use your creativity and eye for beauty to help people feel and look their best!

Beauty Editor Or Writer

A cosmetologist can utilize the power of words and work with different people in varied industries. With your experience and expertise, you can become an editor or writer for magazines, websites, and different brands. Of course, this comes with so many cool perks, from getting free samples every day down to being able to travel as much as you can! It seems like a dream job, doesn’t it?

Consultant For The Beauty Industry

Once you’ve made a name for yourself in the field, you can always branch out and work with different brands or companies. You can help them come up with research, new projects, or even suggest a new product or campaign. Working as a consultant for beauty industry professionals is one of the most rewarding career paths you can choose in this field! This also means that you can promote your name and work on a larger scale!

Become a Beauty Expert Starting Today

Being a cosmetologist isn’t all about improving a client’s hair, nails, or skin. A microblading artist, hairstylist, and any other artist in this field has the power to bring out a person’s beauty and help them find confidence in it. Thus, having a career in the cosmetology industry is something you won’t regret.

And if you want to start that career today, BrowBeat Studio Microblading Certification and Training Academy is here to help you! We offer different microblading courses taught by professionals that can help you establish your foundation in the field and grow further!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. We hope to see you start your cosmetology journey with a microblading training course soon!


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