Whether you’re a newbie in the world of cosmetics or you’re planning to kick-start a career in microblading, you are on the right page. In this article, we’ll let you in on the secrets of how to become a microblading artist in Texas. We’ll also discuss the ins and outs of the industry and how you can make your name as a microblading artist! 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a relatively new craft that gives women a long-lasting beauty solution. It is a modern technique in reshaping and enhancing the eyebrows using small handheld tools similar to those used in tattooing.

Despite the longevity of its results, however, it is only a semi-permanent makeup because embroidered eyebrows don’t last forever like the traditional tattoo. Nonetheless, this gives the clients an opportunity to try out different styles and tones of eyebrows after a year or two. It also entails the need for them to go back to their microblading artist after some time for a touch-up.

Ladies around the globe opt to have microbladed eyebrows because they don’t need to pluck or tweeze their brows just to make them fabulous. That’s why in recent years, learning how to become a microblading artist in Texas, or anywhere in the globe is a sought-after career opportunity.

How to Do the Procedure?

As mentioned, a microblader or microblading expert performs the procedure by using small handheld tools. The microblading expert implants pigment underneath the topmost layer of the epidermis as they make tiny cuts on the eyebrow skin. After that, the microblader creates hair-like strokes that mimic the brow hair and make the sparse eyebrows thicker and natural-looking.

Unlike the traditional tattooing wherein the tattoo artist inserts the ink deep into the skin, a microblading expert implants the pigment under the outermost layer of the skin. The pigment implantation is crucial because if it’s too deep, it will become a permanent tattoo. On the other hand, if it’s too shallow, the pigment fades out and won’t last long, failing to achieve the 3D brow effect.  

Why is Microblading a Sought-after Procedure?

Women and even men inside and outside the United States are going crazy about eyebrow makeovers because of the benefits they get from microblading, like:

  • They save time doing their eyebrow routine.
  • They don’t have to worry about their brows being wet when swimming, going to the spa, or the gym.
  • Besides saving time, they also save money in buying brow pencils, gels, or tints.
  • No more overplucking, over tweezing, waxing, or threading of eyebrows.
  • They get eyebrows that are always camera-ready. 

Therefore attending training and workshops on how to become a microblading artist would definitely be an excellent career game-changer. 

These Steps Will Help You Become a Microblading Artist in Texas

Starting a new endeavor always needs training, seminars, or workshops. How to become a microblading artist in Texas is not an exception. However, you have to think thoroughly before choosing the school or academy that you will join. Though there are many academies you can find online offering training, you still need to do your homework to ensure that you will be enrolling in a reputable school. 

Training or Workshops

Suppose it is your first time attending the training on how to become a microblading artist. In that case, you can take up a general permanent makeup course wherein you will learn all the fundamentals of microblading. Or, you can focus on microblading first, add your skills and take up other techniques after completing the microblading training. 

Most training schools will teach you the following about microblading.

  • Microblading Hair Strokes Method for Eyebrows
  • Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation
  • Previous Permanent Makeup Correction Techniques
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Color Theory & Mixing
  • Facial Structure & Eyebrow Design
  • Client Consultation
  • Needle & Equipment Selection

How Important It Is to Get Training and Attend Workshops?

Attending the training and workshops is the first step you must take to become a microblading artist. Aside from teaching you all the basics, it is a prerequisite for getting certified and acquiring a license. Thus, you’ll really need these if you’re planning to put up your own business someday.

Furthermore, it will assure your future clients that you are genuinely qualified to do their eyebrow makeovers. Remember that they will be entrusting the future of their eyebrows (and appearance). Hence, they have to have solid proof that you are the best and most qualified microblading artist for their brow transformation. 

And of course, joining the training on how to become a microblading artist in Texas will hone your skills through practice and help you provide an excellent service to your customers. 

Rules and Regulations

The semi-permanent makeup falls under the umbrella of tattooing. Therefore, to become a microblading artist, you have to strictly follow some rules and regulations depending on the state you are staying in.

Here are the regulations that you should comply with when you are staying in Texas:

Choosing the Best School 

Before enrolling in microblading training, it’s necessary to find a credible and reputable school, so you will get what you paid for and not waste your time and effort. You must note that training on how to become a microblading artist is not cheap. Therefore, you deserve to get the proper education and coaching for your microblading profession. 

And if you’re searching for the best school that will help you grow as an artist, look no further! You can learn how to become a microblading artist in Texas from the leading experts in the industry – BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy – and be a part of the flourishing cosmetic business! 

Why Train with Us at BrowBeat?

BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy opens up opportunities to any student who wants to learn how to become a microblading artist in Texas. As mentioned earlier, the training doesn’t come cheap; you have to shell out money to get the proper training and education. BrowBeat understands and it’s our mission to make your training experience worth your every penny.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are more reasons why you should choose BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy to learn how to become a microblading artist in Texas:

  • We have professional and skilled mentors.
  • You will be EQUIPPED with the latest microblading training package.
  • We have many course selections like:
  • In-person Certification
  • Shading Certification
  • Online Certification
  • We offer one-on-one training sessions.

With that, here are the things you can expect from training with us:

  • Our trainers will teach you the latest hacks and techniques to provide the outstanding service you will render to your future clients.
  • You will learn how to distinguish the quality tools and equipment, keeping you from buying unnecessary products. 
  • Our mentors will teach you the marketing strategies and business-building skills in taking your business to the next level.
  • We aim to make our students skillful and confident, providing the training and workshops they need to achieve this goal.

In a nutshell, we’ll help you become a microblading artist who can give an outstanding service everyone will love!

How Much Can You Earn as a Certified Artist?

While the training cost may be high, you will be able to get back your investment once you start your microblading career after training with us. In fact, the average microblading treatment price ranges from $500-$800. Moreover, the students’ fees can cover four to six treatments.

In addition, we have been in the industry for half as long as the microblading business arises. Therefore, everything that we learned on how to become a microblading artist in Texas will be handed down to our students. This is because we want you to be the best when you’re finally performing duties as a microblading expert.

Meet Tenielle Powers

This is Tenielle Powers. She is the woman behind the success of BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy. She aims to empower women who want to reach their dreams in the microblading industry. 

Tenielle and her team help women change their lives by making them confident with their looks. 

What’s Next After the Training?

Your journey on how to become a microblading artist in Texas doesn’t end after the training and getting the certification. There is still so much more you can learn to hone your skills in the field. Additionally, repetitive practice is required until you can do the procedure flawlessly. And not to mention, there are documentations you have to accomplish after your training.

However, while the journey seems quite long and intimidating, there’s no need for you to worry. Our mentors will definitely guide you every step of the way until you become a microblading artist who can stand on your own!

The Bottom Line

Leaving our comfort zone or trying to learn a new craft such as microblading can be daunting. However, if you dare to do it, you will thank yourself in the future that you made the right decision. 

And if you’re looking for a sign to join the training on how to become a microblading artist in Texas, THIS IS IT!

It’s time for you to learn a new craft and make a name in the industry!

Hence, why don’t you give BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy a call right now to learn more? We’ll make sure you’ll get the best training possible with the guidance of mentors who’ll witness your growth!


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