Why Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the Beauty Industry in Dallas 2021

Why Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the Beauty Industry in Dallas 2021

Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the beauty industry because of the fact that it lessens the burden of ladies in drawing their eyebrows. Plus, you can earn a lot from it if you are going to kick start your career in the beauty industry. Microblading is now (and even in the past years) gaining its momentum in the fashion world. In fact, many celebrities are into microblading since physical appearance is crucial if you are a famous person. Even ordinary ladies want to be presentable physically and undergo the microblading procedure; that’s why Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the beauty industry.

What is Microblading and why Microblading is the Next Big Thing?

The procedure wherein a microblading artist uses a small handheld tool to make tiny cuts on your eyebrow skin and implants pigment mimicking the hair of your eyebrows is called microblading. It has other names like:

Though many ladies opt to do microblading because of the many advantages they can benefit from, some still doubt whether to do microblading. That’s why they put off their plan on doing eyebrow embroidery. 

Some Reasons Why Some Ladies Delay Their Microblading

If you are not fully educated about microblading, it is expected that you are still in doubt whether to push through with your plan or delay it. Many women (and men) enjoy the benefits of microblading after doing the procedure, proving that Microblading is the Next Big Thing.

On the other hand, some are still thinking twice for the following reasons:

  • It hurts a lot. Maybe someone you know who had her microblading informed you that cutting your skin is very painful. That’s actually exaggerated because the truth is, it doesn’t hurt too much. The level of the pain is similar when you pluck or tweeze your eyebrows. But, since people have different pain tolerance, what is painful to you may not to others. In that case, a topical numbing cream is applied to your skin before the cutting session begins to alleviate the pain (if you have low pain tolerance).
  • There’s the scary scratching sound. You probably heard that when the microblading artist starts cutting your eyebrow skin, the scratching sound of the blade is not the typical “music to my ears” thing. Well, the sound is indeed annoying and irritating. However, you will get used to it during the procedure.
  • Pregnant or lactating mom. Yes, if you are pregnant or a lactating mom, you better delay your microblading plan. Though there are no studies that the pigment affects the baby or the mother during this time, the baby is more vital than perfectly groomed eyebrows. Furthermore, your body changes when you are pregnant, so when you do microblading, the result won’t be satisfying. 
  • Skin conditions. Some ladies are suffering from skin conditions, so they are not sure if microblading is suited to them. If you have this situation and want to do microblading, a consultation with a microblading artist will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for microblading.

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading is the Next Big Thing because of the many advantages ladies can benefit from it. Some of the benefits of microblading are:

  • You will have perfect eyebrows and enjoy the “woke up like this” look every time you wake up. You will no longer worry about your eyebrow appearance when you sweat because they are sweatproof and waterproof. Therefore, you can enjoy swimming or spending time with your loved ones at the spa without worrying that your eyebrows will be ruined. And with the right microblading artist, you will fall in love over and over again with your newly bladed eyebrows and can’t get over it. 
  • Your perfectly symmetrical and professionally styled eyebrows will improve your appearance. With the correct microblading procedure, your pretty face will be more adorable because of the perfect eyebrows you have. It only shows that microblading eyebrows will enhance your beauty; that’s why Microblading is the Next Big Thing. 
  • They last for 2 to 3 years. Can you imagine the time and money you can save from drawing your eyebrows with the traditional eyebrow makeup? That’s why Microblading is the Next Big Thing because you can say goodbye to your brow pencils, gels, tints, and whatever makeup you use to perfect your brows. You can happily say hello, gorgeous eyebrows! Your newly bladed eyebrows will last for two to three years, depending on how you take care of them and your lifestyle. Don’t forget to go back to your microblading artist for a “touch up” to maintain the great appearance of your brows.
  • You will save money. As I mentioned above, you can say goodbye to your brow makeup because you won’t need them anymore with your perfectly drawn eyebrows. So you can keep your money and use it for other purposes. It is another reason why Microblading is the Next Big Thing, and many ladies (including gents) are going crazy about microblading eyebrows. 
  • Getting ready is no longer extended. Of course, when you have your microblading, your eyebrows are always “on the go,” so your preparation time before going out is shorter than before. You don’t need to spend an hour or two in front of the mirror just to make your eyebrows perfect. Instead, you can use that time to prepare other things besides your brows. 
  • There are other options you can choose from for your eyebrows look. Microblading has other similar procedures, but with different results, so you can have more than one look with your eyebrows. Having the option to have more than one look confirms that Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the beauty industry. Can you imagine your eyebrows having other options? Some of the choices you can select to make your brows more beautiful are:
    • Microfeathering
    • Microshading
    • Micro-powder Combo (hair strokes and powder shading)
    • Microblading and light shading
    • Ombre shading and many more

Why is Microblading the Next Big Thing in the Beauty Industry?

Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the beauty industry because it is becoming a lucrative business. People are shifting careers into microblading because they can earn more than their usual jobs. Moreover, in this time of the pandemic, many are still unemployed and struggling to find a job. And becoming a microblading artist is one of the options many individuals think of making a decent living. 

If you know how to provide the microblading service, there’s a chance that you will have a better life, so Microblading is the Next Big Thing. Job seekers are grabbing the opportunities that studios offer for microblading training. The benefit of becoming a microblading artist is that you can still earn money, whether working in a salon or as a freelance microblading expert. 

Other reasons why Microblading is the Next Big Thing.

  • The technology keeps on advancing as years go by, so even the microblading technique is enhancing. That’s why you can even choose more than one look if you want because there are other techniques that you can select from.
  • Perfect eyebrows have a significant impact on ladies. Having flawless brows boost ladies’ self-esteem. Ladies with thin, sparse, or scattered eyebrows are shy and have no self-confidence. Because of this advanced technique in enhancing the eyebrows, individuals with some skin conditions (like alopecia) have the chance to experience thick, bushy, and natural-looking eyebrows. 
  • Microblading is the Next Big Thing because it is becoming a lucrative business in the beauty industry. Business-minded people want to delve into microblading since the trend is rising, and many ladies are doing the procedure to have tamed and fabulous eyebrows. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you might make a name in this industry if you work hard.
  • Microblading is becoming an essential need for everyone. Today, people are looking for ways to shorten their time in drawing their eyebrows. Thanks to microblading because there are no more long hours in perfecting the brows. Getting ready for work or going to the party is shortened, and no need to worry about the appearance of the eyebrows when you have to work or run your errands for the whole day.
  • The procedure doesn’t take long. It will only take two to three hours for the microblading treatment, and after that, Voila! Your perfect brows are ready to go. Don’t think that sitting or lying down for two to three hours is long. Think of the many years (a maximum of three years) you will enjoy having your flawless brows.

Because fashion is always trending, a well-experienced microblading artist will always have clients, especially if it is rewarding. And if your clients are well-to-do or famous, your life will change, and you can afford to live a luxurious life if you want.

Microblading is the Next Big Thing: Training and Workshops

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that unemployed or career shifters take the chance to enroll in microblading training and seminars. So what will you learn during the training?

Training and workshops play an important role when you jump-start your profession in microblading. But. I assure you that you don’t need to be a genius or very talented (though those qualities are a bonus) to become a microblading artist. With the trainers’ proper training and guidance, you are good to go and begin your journey as a microblading expert. 

The scope of the 3-day in-person training (at BrowBeat Studio Microblading Certification and Training Academy) include:

  • You will learn the structured hair pattern. To fully understand the structured hair pattern, it is broken down into seven parts and discussed and practiced one by one until the students fully understand each piece. When the students know how to lay down a hair pattern stroke, then all the hair pattern strokes will be consolidated back again into one microblading stroke pattern. 
  • Our online portal is accessible. Students can open the online portal to reinforce what they learn from the in-person training. The portal is accessible 24/7 so that students can go back and review during their free time. So it is very convenient for those who have a busy schedule, and that’s also why Microblading is the Next Big Thing!

If you are a working person, you can open the portal after work. Furthermore, if you are a mom, it is still possible to watch after the kids are asleep. What’s more, the three-day in-person training is supported with documents, as well as video posts.

Microblading is the Next Big Thing: Online Courses

The online courses are also beneficial for students who can’t grasp the lessons quickly during the in-person training. We understand that we have different levels of comprehending the information we receive. So the students can always go back and watch the training videos to refresh their minds about the lesson learned. 

  • Complete microblading kit. Microblading is the Next Big Thing because inclusive in the training package is a complete set of microblading kit. The kit is enough to start your microblading career because you can work up to 50 clients with the microblading starter kit. 

The Microblading is the Next Big Thing microblading kit contains golden ratio calipers, microblading handles. An assortment of microblading blades, a complete brown color palette of organic micro-pigments (8 X 10ml pump bottles), numb patches, secondary numbing solution, tweezers, scissors, wands, pigment rings, or cups, and many more.

You don’t need to be super talented when you start endeavoring in microblading because you can learn everything. As long as you have the patience to study the know-how and interest in doing the job, then you are good to start your microblading career.

If you want to succeed in life, the Bottom line is to work hard for it and don’t stop until you reach your goal. And if you’re going to kick-start your journey in the beauty industry, microblading can be an excellent stepping stone! Don’t forget that Microblading is the Next Big Thing so get on it while you can!

Thank you so much for reading about Why Microblading is the Next Big Thing in the Beauty Industry in Dallas. I hope that you got the inspiration after browsing the article. 

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