Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course


So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of becoming a microblading artist and you’ve decided it’s a perfect fit for you! Congratulations! A career in microblading can be exciting and empowering (not to mention lucrative)! But, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. There is so much jargon out there that one can easily become confused. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what questions to ask and what to look out for! You’re welcome.

Reputable microblading training courses can be a big investment, costing you time and hard earned dollars, with so much on the line; it pays to do your research! Here are 7 key points to help you make the most informed decision possible.


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

Make sure your trainer or mentor actually works in the industry. Now, this might seem like a “no-brainer”, however, there are no state or universal standards for operating a training academy and in a bid to make more money, artists often begin advertising training courses while still doing their first clients and establishing themselves in the industry.

You want to ensure that the person or persons responsible for your training (and essentially your future business success or failure) have already established themselves in the industry and worked on hundreds, that’s right, hundreds of clients. This is the only way they will have enough experience with all skin tones and textures to be able to guide you through all the hurdles you will experience as a new artist in the industry.

At BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, Every single one of our mentors works on a daily basis in the industry, practicing and perfecting their craft on an ongoing and never ending basis.


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

Ask to see a detailed Itinerary of the course. If they are unable to provide this to you, don’t walk, run! Aside from covering the basic procedure (measuring, numbing and stroke position and pattern) make sure they also address items such as sanitation, health regulation, contraindications, and proper aftercare. At BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, We take you beyond basics and teach you in depth theory as well as all the health and safety training you will need to be health department compliant!


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

It is virtually impossible to learn the detailed and skilled art of microblading and hairstroke technique in only a matter of days. In order to have a full and comprehensive understanding of all the different moving parts, sustained practice, over a long period of time is needed. On average, we find our students feel most confident entering the field after about 150-200 hours of practice. That’s why, we at BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, give all of our students six months of hands on mentorship, and the best part is, its all included in our flat fee! Not like our competitors, who will sell it to you as an add on!


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

Make sure all the supplies are included! While most training courses will provide all the necessary tools and supplies, there are training academies out there that follow an a la carte format. This can add anywhere from $500 – $1,000 to the total cost. Ouch! At BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, all your supplies are included at no additional cost!


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

Ok, another “no-brainer” here but it’s definitely worth touching on! Make Sure all of their trainers or mentors are licensed to practice microblading. While a license is required to perform a microblading treatment, it is not required to teach microblading.

If your prospective trainer or trainers have let theirs’ lapse, it’s a clear indication that they are no longer working on clients in a regular fashion and microblading, truly is a skill that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Red Flag.

Here at BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, all of our mentors are working artists in the industry, operating under a state recognized license!


Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

Another great resource available to you, are the mentor or trainer’s client reviews! This is where real clients tell their real experiences! Ask who your trainer or mentor at the academy would be and ask to see what their real life clients are saying about them.

Think about it, if they aren’t doing great work as an artist, how can you expect them to teach you to? At BrowBeat Microblading & Training Academy, all of our mentors are well seasoned artists with wonderful client relationships! Rather than hide from their reviews, they share them with a beaming pride!

Before and Afters

Choosing a Microblading Training and Certification Course

This one goes hand in hand with the one above. Before and Afters are like your calling card in the microblading industry and are a wonderful indication of skill and artistry. Ask yourself, would I want this person to do my brows? If not, you probably don’t want them teaching you either!

Make sure they have a large body of work to show you, showcasing different angles, different ages, and different skin tones. Look at fresh and healed work. And make sure they haven’t been photoshopped to improve the overall look of the work, (sadly, about 80% of the before and afters I see have been edited or filtered to look more attractive).

At BrowBeat Microblading Training & certification Academy, our artist and trainers never Photoshop or filter their before and afters, ever!

If a training program is truly reputable, they won’t shrink from your questions, instead, they will want to share this information with you, as all of these are huge endorsements for their program! Ask yourself, why wouldn’t they want to brag about their years of experience or amazing testimonials? At BrowBeat Microblading Training & Certification Academy, we make it our policy to be as transparent as possible. What you see is what you get; No smoke or mirrors!

There you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing a microblading training course, all in one convenient spot! We encourage you to bookmark this article and refer back to it throughout your selection process.

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