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How To Become A Microblader In Texas

How To Become A Microblader In Texas

Even if you are not yet an official microblading artist, we would like to congratulate you for considering to be one all because you are entering the world of a stimulating and rewarding profession of permanent cosmetics.

Any major step in your life and your career, you should consider carefully. It would be best if you had a clear understanding of what microblading is all about and the commitment you are making.

Choosing a highly specialized career as a microblader comes with many benefits. The obvious one is the fact that there is less competition as there are only a few who are good at microblading.

Microbladers can charge more for their services, thus higher income, too. But you have to keep in mind that several factors play a significant role in how much you can charge, such as location, experience, and credentials.

Another great reason why you may be so eager to learn how to be a microblader in Texas is the flexibility of becoming your boss when you’re ready to have your salon. Kudos on searching about how to become a microblader in Texas!

Starting and setting up your practice may take some time to master the same as with other specialized professions. Plus, there are those resources needed, but as long as you give all your best and stay committed, great success is possible.

First, What Is Microblading?

In learning How To Become A Microblader In Texas, you need to know that microblading is semi-permanent makeup, applied using a technique similar to tattooing. Still, the pigment application in minimal amounts just under the surface of the skin.

It is highly sought-after. Nicely shaped brows can give any face a more distinctive, beautiful look. With microblading, there is no risk of overplucking, no frequent waxing, less time spent on makeup, and a face that is always camera-ready, even first thing in the morning or after swimming or workouts.

Clients enjoy the convenience of no day to day worries about brow upkeep but are free to alter the look over time. A typical microblading application lasts about a year, or possibly longer.

So, How To Become A Microblader in Texas?

So, if you have made up your mind to push through with this career path, you might be wondering by now how to become a microblader in Texas. Or, more specifically, what are the right steps to follow to get enough training and certifications to get as an excellent microblading artist.

What training will you need to become a microblader in Texas?

Whether or not training is a requirement for you to have a license will depend on your state’s regulations, but you should invest even if it is not. Your primary responsibility with your future clients will be to provide the best service you can, and to do that; you need to learn from a professional and perfect your art through practice.

You may choose to start by taking a general permanent makeup course that would generally teach the most common procedures (eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips). Or, you could start by focusing on one specific technique, microblading, for example. Many excellent schools are offering permanent makeup training programs throughout the United States. Most of them will cover the following:

  • Microblading Hair Strokes Method for Eyebrows
  • Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation
  • Previous Permanent Makeup Correction Techniques
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Color Theory & Mixing
  • Facial Structure & Eyebrow Design
  • Client Consultation
  • Needle & Equipment Selection

How To Become A Microblader in Texas: REGULATIONS

  • Pay a $1,000 fee to the Texas Health Department for the Tattoo Permit over the building/room you use to perform microblading
  • Be at least 18 years of age. With these two items in place, you are legally able to do microblading Dallas.

Oversight Body:

Texas Department of Health Drugs & Medical Devices Division (tattooists)

Licensing Contact:

Texas Department of Health Licensing & Enforcement Division

Other Law Resources:


Step #1 How To Become A Microblader In Texas: Attend Training Classes By The Industry Experts & Get Certified

BE CAREFUL in selecting the right microblading classes and avoid those that are not qualified. While they can give good enough training about microblading, not all will provide you with official certifications. Beware of those scam courses which offer training classes that charge you very cheap and even charm you with the bonus of a free microblading package.

The process and requirements of getting certifications vary by state. Some states are quite strict when it comes to regulating microblading and may specify specific training to attend an apprenticeship program to acquire. Others are very loose and may not even regulate this practice of permanent cosmetics.

Whether or not your state requires you to get certifications, it’s your primary responsibility to invest in getting certified. If you want to give your future clients the best microblading service possible, then learning from the right professionals to perfect your art with constant practice is a must.

BrowBeat Studio’s microblading training opens up a whole new world to our students. If training cost is a concern, when booking your microblading certification training course, remember that the average price to perform a microblading treatment is $500-$800. Student certification fees will cover 4-6 treatments. Be a part of the very lucrative microblading industry by joining BrowBeat 2-Day Microblading Training.

Step #2 How To Become A Microblader In Texas: Practice Legally And Become The Best Technician

If you’re not yet ready to open your practice, you can apply for jobs first. And since you are just starting, you can begin as an assistant technician if that’s what you want. However, when you think you have significant practice in microblading, you can try and set up your studio to be your own boss and take control of your career.

Think big by making your own practice legal. It means acquiring the required operating license from your Public Health or Department of Health. The license to operate a microblading facility varies by state. So, know what specific permit you need by contacting your respective department and satisfy all the application requirements.

So, there you go! Achieving those three milestones is a perfect way to become the best microblader that you can be, who will stand out from the competition and win plenty of satisfied clients after having some experience behind you.

When it comes to how great you will become as a microblading technician, it depends on how much time and effort you put on it. But following the steps in this guide on how to become a microblader will lead you to the right path. You can start from there and take your microblading practice to the next level.

Thanks for reading How To Become A Microblader In Texas with us! If you have questions about our Microblading Certification Training, you may call us on 214-431-5939.

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