Being a nurse is a wonderful career choice! It allows you to have a positive impact on other’s lives on a daily basis. This is something rare and incredibly powerful. There are dozens of studies that show a correlation to a sense of purpose and careers that impact people on a daily basis (social workers, teachers, etc). The only problem is it isn’t paying your rent or maybe it does pay the rent but with little left for anything else. So what do you do with those caretaking skills, that intuitive nature and the desire to help people? How can you still put those wonderful attributes to use and yet make enough money to pay that pesky proverbial piper? What if there was something you could learn to do in your spare time, something that puts all of those skills to use, something that has a positive impact on people’s lives and boosts their self-esteem, that could solve all of your money problems? What if you didn’t even have to quit nursing? So I ask you, what about microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent art, performed in the brow area, to create improved shape, color or fullness. This can be a wonderful corrective cosmetic treatment for those suffering with alopecia, chemo-related hair loss or trichotillomania. The procedure is performed under topical anesthetic, in which a tiny handheld blade, is used to create superficial cuts in the surface layers of the skin, pigment is then added to these superficial cuts or “strokes” via a process called “backfilling” or another process referred to as “color-bathing” and sometimes a combination of the two is also used. This creates a semi-permanent surface layer ‘tattoo’ if you will. When strokes are laid in the proper order and fashion they mimic the appearance of individual brow hairs. If this is done well, one should not be able to tell where the microbladed ‘hairs’ end and the client’s natural brow hair begins.

Microblading can be incredibly lucrative either as a primary source of income or as a supplemental one. The average cost of a microblading treatment is between $500-$800. This means that if you only did two treatments a month you would already add a cool extra one grand to your monthly income! In fact, with this kind of earning potential, you could add as much as $100K a year to your pocket, just working weekends!! Not to mention how much you could make if you decided to leave nursing and do microblading full time! Wouldn’t it be great to finally pay off that student loan debt? Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to take that vacation you’ve been promising yourself, for years, that you are going to take? What about paying off your car or even your house? Suddenly, it all becomes possible!

So what does it take to become a certified microblading artist? This is a multi-pronged answer. The first answer is that, unlike, nursing, where there are standardized requirements for licensure, there are no such set standards governing microblading certification. Surely, these are coming, however, the industry, as a whole, is still rather new. This means that every institution will have it’s own guidelines and criteria for certification. Therefore due diligence falls solely on the consumer. So what should you, as a consumer, watch out for? The most important thing, when selecting an institution for training and certification is transparency. A phone number and address should both be available on their website. Companies that do are not able to provide this information only exist in cyberspace, Good luck getting ahold of anyone should you need a refund! You should be able to call and talk to a real person, they should allow you to ask any question you would like and answer as many questions as you would like to ask. They should not get short with you for asking questions nor get flustered when giving an answer. Information should be freely given, without hesitation and without drama. If they can’t answer a straightforward question without getting upset, it should be a red flag. Lastly, make sure that the masters chosen to train on the procedure have a good performance history with the procedure. Do they have a lot or a little experience? Have they done dozens or hundreds of procedures? Have they ever had any major complications, such as scarring? These are all valid questions that once again should be answered openly and honestly if they do not want to provide you with this information, move on and move on fast! At BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification, we are easy to get ahold of, completely transparent and happy to speak with you any time of day! All of our mentors are established in their field and have an excellent track record with all of their previous clients! Our mentors have each performed hundreds of procedures and between them have performed thousands of treatments in the DFW area! Our course is also the most comprehensive and in-depth in all of North Texas. Going beyond basics and covering in-depth theory. You will learn about everything from contraindications to color theory!

So how long does training at BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification take and what are all of the requirements? BrowBeat Microblading Training and Certification is comprised of three parts. The first part is going to be the in-person two-day workshop, this is where you will familiarize yourself with all of your tools, learn the basic procedure, discuss sanitation practices and meet your mentor and fellow classmates. The second part of our certification program is the distance learning portion, this is where you will perfect your skills and learn the in-depth theory required by The BrowBeat training program. There will be ten levels of coursework to be completed and turned in for grading by your mentor. The third and final part of our training program is the mentorship and group interaction portion. This is where you will turn in your assignments for grading, receive helpful feedback directly from your mentor and participate in group discussions with classmates.

How long does it take and how much does it cost? Most of our students complete the full training protocol in less than six months, studying in their free time! And as far as the cost, the entire cost of course fees can be made back in just a few treatments!

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