Microblading Golden Ratio 101

The microblading golden ratio is one piece of excellent information that can help any artist create the perfect eyebrows. And while it may sound intimidating, learning how to incorporate it in the microblading procedure is actually quite simple. In this article, we’ll help you get started as we explore the basics of the microblading golden ratio and how you can best utilize it!

What Is the Golden Ratio?

Before we discuss the microblading golden ratio, let’s first take a look at its foundation–the mathematical golden ratio.

The golden ratio is a geometric ratio that has been used in architecture, art, and design for centuries. It originated in Euclidean geometry and is epitomized in famous works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Parthenon.

The ratio is found throughout nature as well, often in plant leaves and petals. According to both mathematicians and artists, the golden ratio defines the perfect proportion because it can create shapes with the most pleasing balance and appearance.

The Microblading Golden Ratio Method

Microblading has grown in popularity over the last few years, and many people are trying it out for themselves. However, one of the most challenging parts about microblading is getting a good shape to create with your clients’ eyebrows. And this is where the golden ratio comes into play.

The microblading golden ratio method is a new way to create shape by delaying the power strokes. It allows for more depth and dimension in the eyebrows, which can make them look more natural. It also makes filling in the brows with ink or pencil easier if your clientele wants an even sharper result.

In addition, the microblading golden ratio can help you create shapes with your customers’ eyebrows without spending a lot of time filling them in every day! After microblading, their brows will be more defined and fuller-looking, framing your clients’ faces better. 

How Does It Work?

The microblading golden ratio plays a vital role in the microblading procedure. A microblading artist uses the golden ratio to measure the brows and achieve the ideal facial proportion leading to fabulous eyebrows. 

Do symmetrical brows change a person’s appearance? The answer is yes! Symmetrical eyebrows are crucial to make them look much more beautiful and natural-looking. That’s why it’s necessary to use the microblading golden ratio for the treatment!

Why Use This Method?

As mentioned, the golden ratio can serve as our guide to achieving perfect symmetry. Thus, the microblading golden ratio method is a great way to fill those gaps in the eyebrows where hairs have fallen out or been plucked off accidentally. It is also perfect for those who still have brows, but they aren’t as full as they used to be. 

Other benefits of using the microblading golden ratio include:

  • It helps create depth and dimension in the eyebrows.
  • It makes it easier to fill in the brows with ink or pencil for an even sharper result.
  • It makes the result look more natural than ever before.
  • It’s a perfect guide in touching up for those with less full brows.

Creating the Perfect Brows With the Microblading Golden Ratio

Now that we know almost everything about the microblading ratio, the remaining question is, how exactly do we make the perfect eyebrows with this? Well, if you want to practice the method right away, here’s a simple guide to help you out:

Making the First Outline

Always start by drawing out your eyebrow shape. Make sure that you find first the natural curve of the eyebrow and then start from the inner corner, working your way out. The key is to be as precise as possible when outlining the eyebrows.

Drawing Anchor Points

Draw in some anchor points for where you want the endpoints of the eyebrows to be. The anchor points should be about 1 cm from the endpoint, and there should be seven lines between them. Draw a straight line from the endpoints up beyond the top anchor point, then another back down from there too. The top line will reach past that second anchor point and over a third point before curving around a fourth, fifth, and sixth point before finally going back down to meet with the second line.

Draw in a few more anchor points along the eyebrow lines, reinforcing them as you go. There should be seven of these new ones too, and they should all follow that curve from before back down to meet up with your first two lines again. 

Filling the Outline

Now that you have those guidelines drawn out on one half of the eyebrow, you can start to work on filling them in. Use your pencil and draw over those lines as if they were hair strands so that there is a lovely softness to where you place each stroke.

Draw, Fill, Repeat

Once all the shapes are filled in for one half, flip it over and repeat these steps on the other half. That way, you can ensure that both sides of your eyebrows are even and symmetrical.

Don’t forget to clean up the lines and erase any pencil marks you might have left behind before applying ink or powder to finish off your look!

A Few Things to Note in Using the Microblading Golden Ratio

Now that perhaps, you’re more familiar with the method, here are a few things you must keep in mind as you go about microblading with the golden ratio:

Your Kit and Mentor Are Your Friends

Because it’s all about math and measurements, applying the microblading ratio to the procedure can be intimidating. But the truth is there’s no need for you to worry! In a microblading course, your mentor will teach you how you can utilize your tools in following the ratio. You’ll also get to practice on silicon skins so that you can feel more comfortable with the technique.

Everyone’s Brow Style Differs From Each Other

As a budding artist in this industry, it’s important to note that eyebrow trends change over time. There are years where thin brows are in vogue, and this fad changes again after a decade. Today, thick, fuller, and natural-looking brows are the fashion trend. 

But here’s what everyone should remember, “Just because a particular brow style looks fabulous to your idol means it will look good on you, too.” You have to keep in mind that every individual’s face shape differs from the other and the brow style.

What’s vital is the symmetry of the brows to make them look natural. This is why mastering the craft of using microblading golden ratio is a must!

Do You Have What It Takes?

While microblading is a constantly growing industry, it’s also highly competitive. Clients only look for the best artists because it is their beauty that’s at stake. Hence, you’ll need to have the passion for artistry and attention to detail if you want to succeed. And this passion and attention to detail can be tested in learning the microblading golden ratio.

The method entails a lot of discipline and a methodical approach to microblading. Nonetheless, once you learn from the best and get the hang of it, you’ll be able to microblade with confidence and flair.

The Bottom Line

We are living in a time where beauty is constantly changing. With new trends rising and falling with the seasons, it can be challenging to keep up. The latest trend that has taken over social media feeds everywhere is microblading. And learning the microblading golden ratio takes this trendy treatment one step further by perfecting the eyebrows’ symmetry.

Thus, if you want to be able to provide your clients with a superb microblading service, learning the method is a must! And if you want to start exploring further today, we have friendly experts who can teach you the ropes. Just sign up for our microblading course and we’ll make sure you’ll come out like a pro!

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