Microblading Cost

Microblading Cost

Microblading produces a remarkable result; part of it is the quality of the tools and pigment used on your eyebrows. Another part is the skill of your microblading technician, which takes years of experience to build, including the investment in the studio equipment. While microblading can promise beautiful results for clients, it also offers a bright future for dreamers who want to pursue this career. Since microblading is a craft, let’s talk about how much does microblading cost. 

How Much Does A Session Of Microblading Cost?

The average cost of a microblading procedure is around $900, but the price varies depending on the artist’s skill, qualifications, experience, and quality. Another determining factor is the location of the studio. Some experts charge up to $1400, who operate in the areas of the large fashion industry. However, some sessions cost around $500, located around major cities. Lower than that are also available, and they are usually beginners in the microblading industry.

Let us consider the touch up this time for microblading cost. Some people may require a touch-up to finalize the brows 4-8 weeks after the procedure. Some salons charge the whole process one time, while there are salons who divide the charge into separate payments. That is why you will see salons that offer around $300 per session; two sessions will sum up to the average microblading cost. This method is best for a tight budget and to ensure the quality of the eyebrow craft.

On the other hand, you can get extra service aside from microblading, such as shading and permanent makeup coverup. Coverups for poorly done microblading cost almost the same as the normal process. It is because it takes the same amount of time to repair. That is why you should wisely investigate studios if you want to get microblading. 

Is Microblading Cost Worth It?

Let us consider the overall value of the process. Microbladed eyebrows last for 12 to 36 months, a fair amount of time to retain or change. If you got a $1400 eyebrow and it only lasted for a year, the daily cost of your makeup is around $4. It’s comparable to $0.28 if your $300 microbladed eyebrows lasted for three years. Depending on where you live, the average microblading cost of $2.14 a day is a fair amount if it will save you about an hour of your daily routine, drawing eyebrows. 

Reasons Why Microblading Cost Is Not Cheap

An eyebrow pencil costs low, but the results only last for a day. It also doesn’t look natural compared to the microbladed eyebrow. Let’s not mention the outstanding quality of an eyebrow made by skilled artists compared to a rushed eyebrow in the morning. Please understand these reasons that elaborate on the microblading cost.

Cost Of Microblading Equipment

If you want to start a microblading career, you need to look at getting an excellent set of equipment and know the microblading cost. You will need the essential tools such as microblading pen/machine, the needles (blades), pigments, measuring calipers, a microblading ring, a portable massage bed, the right kind of lighting, micro brushes, numbing cream. Also, consider getting other supporting tools such as wet wipes, alcohol pads, face masks, and so on. It would be a good idea to invest in some high-quality pigment. The better your pigment, the better your results. 

The total cost of microblading tools will vary on the brand of the toolkit. However, tools are just sharp objects if your microblading technician doesn’t use it well. State of the art tools won’t justify the hundreds of dollars of investment if the microbladed eyebrow doesn’t end well. However, we cannot ignore the fact that even the basic set is not cheap.

Investment Of Microblading Artists To Get Skilled

An aspiring microblading artist can invest in buying a full microblading set. However, they cannot practice their craft in just any surface they want. They need lots of microblading skin pads, where they repetitively train their hands to achieve the consistency of a professional. It is because poor microblading can lead to a lousy brow job (at best) to some serious infections and scarring (at its worst). Customer reviews carry a lot of weight, and it can destroy their target business before they have even had a chance to grow.

A proper way to get skilled is through professional training. There are online courses, live workshops, and other methods such as internships or on the job training. Searching for a mentor takes time and money, but classes to learn microblading cost no more than $2,500. 

Microblading Cost Of Accreditation

If you already finished your training, there are rules you must comply with to ensure your clients that you can craft eyebrows safely. The type of permits you need to acquire will depend on you. You either want to work for yourself as a business owner or work for someone as an employee. Make sure you do your homework and find out which licenses you need to operate and the associated cost of that license. 

Another parameter that affects the microblading cost is the state regulations, for example, in Texas. The two main requirements to perform microblading legally are the age requirement and the permit fee. To sum it up, a microblading artist needs to be 18 years old and above, and pay a $1,000 payment to the Texas Health Department for the Tattoo Permit over the building/room they will use to perform microblading. The permit doesn’t cover the equipment inspection, but it secures the studio’s compliance with the Health Department.

Depending on where you live in the US, the Department of Health requires you to get Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate with an approved training school. You will also be required to pay for a “registration fee” to receive your “Body Art Practitioner Certificate” in your county. You also need to get certified by the AAM or the SPCP. These certifications cost about $250 each, but what they do to boost your credibility is worth it.

Other Costs Of Having A Microblading Business

After the accreditation, there will be other costs also associated with stepping into the microblading industry. Advertising and marketing, for one. Even if you use social media, or create online ad banners, it will cost you a certain amount of money, and a lot of time and effort. If you’re planning to set up your salon, you also need to consider the property costs, renovation costs, staffing and salaries, and so on. 

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